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(Podcast) College Salute: NCAA Regional Weekend- AuBE 10’s and Exciting Finishes

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What’s to come in this episode:

After a weekend of 4 square or 8 square or even 12 square, we have our 2022 NCAA qualifiers. It was a weekend of big performances, 10’s for what every Trinity touched, a very well known foot (thanks to twitter and ESPN screen shots- crazy exciting ending in Raleigh, Tale of two Bryants, Schulte soars in Seattle and lots of alum stand out moments.

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Show Notes:


Fab 5

  1. Brenna Nault Beam Mount
  2. Grace McCallum Floor–LOVE
  3. Olson’s beam dismount 2 nights in a row
  4. Kendall Whitman Floor from George Washington
  5. Tabitha Yims Sassy walk before Lawson Beam routine, omg love it
  6. Missouri’s Joslyn Moore Vault technique
  7. Utah Floor DAMN
  8. Spencers NCAA Regional GIF post (balancebeamsituation.com)

Karas Kickover– Anything Is Possible

Regional Surprises: Teams who advanced that I didn’t think would and teams/athletes that didn’t that I didn’t think wouldn’t  HALEIGH BRYANT


Raleigh Regional-

Crazy unexpected finish  



Auburn (AUbe (All Be 10’s regional)-

Florida 198.775!!!!! UM

Suni Heal Slam then beaming to a 10

Leanne Wong’s vault- 10.0

Aria pre beam

Kim’s new friend Mara from LIU 9.925 on bars but the most perfect ½ pirouette

Norman Regional-

Highlights- Jordan Bowers and Audrey Davis bars (inverts to jaeger and double front ½)

Shout out to Kiara Giagifana-

BIG CONGRATS  Gayla Griswold (Lindenwood first NCAA qualifier- Vault huge Yurchenko 1 1/2 )   Jaye Mack ISU on Floor (stuck pike full in)

Seattle Regional (Exciting Finish) 

Highlights- Taylor Lawson’s (Stanford) Standing Arabian

KJ said it well Never are you there just to participate! That is fitting for MSU this year! 

Michigan State

Utah’s Beam finish

Okeefe before beam

Tale of 2 Bryants

9.9 Notebook– Other notables from Regional weekend

Region 5 University– How would a team of region 5 alums fair against the competition from regional finals.

Toe Point President Nominees

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