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Podcast: College Salute Week #2-Melting Thru Movement or a Sharp Stab

What’s to come in this episode:

The NCAA National Championship Banner was raised in Chrysler Center, Jade Carey made her debut in fine fashion. There needs to be consistency in scoring amongst divisions in the NCAA and we discuss it. Are you a fan of the two pass routine? Olivia Karas gives her opinion, lots of 9.9’s, a huge vault, sharp movements could stab you or melt you depends on the gymnast. That and more for NCAA Week 2 of the College Salute.

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • FAB 5
    • Michigan State!!!!
    • Jade Carey Debut
    • Michigan Dropped the NCAA Banner
    • Bama/Gators, UTAH/OU, UCLA (Oh no)
    • Kyla Bryant from Stanford- It’s the little things
  • Discussion- Score consistency throughout the NCAA including Division 3
    • Mia Lucero (Wisconsin Osh Kosh) beam example
  • Karas Kickover- 2 Pass Routines
  • 9.9 Notebook
  • Week #2 Breakdown
    • MicKayla Stuckey Beam
    • Suki Pfister- Huge Vault Improvement
    • Halle Faulkner, Payton Murphy and the Trio 39+ AA
    • Hannah DeMers carrying her team- 39.4
    • Linda Zvat new first pass
    • Lauren Bannister 3 events in return to competition
    • Isabel Redmond competes 3 for the Sun Devils
    • AlUMonday- Check out more routines from our Alums in Week 2
  • Region 5 Bar Stars
    • NIU’s Hamp, Al Ashari, and Sears
    • Kent State- 5 of 6 Region 5 Alums
    • Michigan State- Michigan Illinois 4 sum on bars
  • Drive to 5- Highlights of the CGA Coaches Spectacular Club Meet
  • New R5 CollegeSalute_Podcast Instagram and Youtube Channel
  • Toe Point President
    • Jori Jackard
    • Ella Chemotti
    • Andi Li
  • Built Bar Best 5 of the Week
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