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Podcast: College Salute Week 8- They Rise…. To the Perfect 10

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What’s to come in this episode:

Two alums rise to career perfect 10’s, Suni Nabs it on bars, and Judge Jail. We give an update on where our Region 5 Alums rank in the NQS rankings, we kickover the art of sticking, a senior night for one alum, first time 9.9 club members and we recap the Insider Classic, Nastia and Winter Cup that and more.

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • FAB 5
  • – Suni Lee and the Nabs
  • – Jade Carey Pushing the AA Scores
  • Karas Kickover- Art of the Stuck Landing
  • NQS NOW– Top 5 from Region 5 in the National Rankings
  • Discussion-
  • 1st Career Perfect 10’s- Sierra Brooks and Maddie Diab
  • Bridget Killian- First 9.9 on vault, Glue of the Iowa Team
  • Judge Jail- Cassie St Clair Vault ?????
  • Payton Richards back to doin her thing
  • Week 8 Breakdown
  • Senior Night for Anna Kaziska
  • Helen Hu- Still I Rise into the bar line-up
  • JO JO Warga- 9.9 Floor Career High
  • Amanda Gruber- Huge height on leaps and jumps first 9.9
  • Nicole Borkorwski- SO College gymnastics 2nd 9.9 of career
  • Freshman Debuts-
  • Genna Lebster- Exhibition for MSU on Beam
  • DRIVE to 5-
  • R5 Insider Classic- Ady Wahl, Kail Freeman, Addison Sarisky
  • Nastia Cup
  • Winter Cup- Ella Kate Parker vault technique, Gabby Van Frayen dabs
  • New R5 CollegeSalute_Podcast Instagram and Youtube Channel

Toe Point President

Andi Li

Olivia ODonnell

Anna Kaziska

Helen Hu

Gianna Gerdes

Jo Jo Warga

  • Sparkle and Shine on Tik Tok
  • Built Bar Best 5 of the Week
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