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ALUMonday for Regional Championships

It’s ALUMonday… on Tuesday and we have the Regional Championships edition. Our Region 5 Alums represented as usually with great performance at all four regional championships sites. We even have one alum who competed only her 2nd bar routine of the year at regionals and nailed it. 

Make sure you check out our College Salute Podcast (posted this Thursday) as we will break down the action from the regional championships weekend.

So let’s check out these 10 routines that you might not have seen from all the regional action.

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Suki Pfister, Ball State 9.85 Vault- Norman Regional

Natalie Hamp, NIU 9.875 Bars- Seattle Regional

Kaitlyn Ewald, Illinois 9.85 Floor- Seattle Regional

Isabel Redmond, ASU 9.825 Bars- Norman Regional (only 2nd bar routine of the season)

Cassie St. Clair, WMU 9.85 Floor Auburn Regional (Play in)

Carina Tolan, Iowa 9.825 Bars- Raleigh Regional

Olivia O’Donnell, Illinois 9.85 Bars- Seattle Regional

Karlie Franz, Kent State 9.875 Floor- Auburn Regional

Amanda Gruber, WMU 9.875 Beam- Auburn Regional

Claire Gagliardi, Ohio State 9.85 Floor- Auburn Regional


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