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Podcast: College Salute Week 4- Storm Trooper Stare Down

What’s to come in this episode:

The Insider gains ESPN status… At least one of us did! The floor performances from our alums in week 4 were through the roof even the Michigan Storm Trooper was impressed. The Auburn Gymnasties had their own take on floor routine choreography. Front handspring board entries on vault are making a comeback, lots of 9.9s and R5 Alum Olivia Karas drops by to give Kim her feedback.

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • ESPN Status- Kim commentated the EMU Quad meet
    • Kims thoughts on the experience
    • Olivia Karas Joins us to give her thoughts on Kim’s performance
  • Karas Kickover- Full Turns
  • FAB 5
    • Jasmine Gutteriez (ASU) Rulfova
    • Kendall Whitman (GW) Front Handspring onto board vault
    • Zuhlke- Iowa Her handspring onto board into tuck Kaz vault (named after her)
    • Katy Kooperman (LIU) Triple full on floor
    • Briona Carswell (Airforce) Obsessed with her floor
  • Discussion-
    • MSU Floor Routines and Alina Cartwright’s Choreography
    • Kent State’s Hunts Gymnastics Trio floor 9.9’s
    • StormTrooper stare down at Michigan
    • The Attitude and performance of Aria Brusch and Claire Gagilardi
  • 9.9 Notebook
  • Week #3 Breakdown
    • Gymnasties at Auburn
      • Mati Waligora
      • Lexi Graber
    • Suni and Pickles (GROSS-Me) (Delicious- Kim)
    • Gabby Perea- Exhibition Why not in lineup?
  • Other Freshman Debut- Elaina McGovern (Boise State)
  • New R5 CollegeSalute_Podcast Instagram and Youtube Channel
  • Toe Point President
    • Dani Petrousek
    • Jori Jackard
    • Rachel Borden
    • Katelyn Ewald
    • Cheyenne Pratola
    • Anna Kaziska
    • Andi Li
    • Helen Hu
  • Sparkle and Shine on Tik Tok
  • Built Bar Best 5 of the Week
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