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Podcast: College Salute Week 5- Was it a 10, Should it be a 10-Subjectivity in Judging

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What’s to come in this episode:

Week 5 was filled with first career10’s, 4 in one meet, Region 5 Alum with one of those and some instances where it’s a mystery why it wasn’t 10. Is their more subjectivity in college judging then we want to admit. The Alabama Tri meet became a salute to a MAC conference standout, how do Region 5 Alums rank in the national standings at the half way point, and we spotlight 3 Alums performances from D3 WhiteWater. That and who is Makarri  Doggette’s biggest fans? No subjectivity there! 

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • FAB 5
  • Nia Struts out and Jordan enters 
  • Freshman Olympics earn 1st 10s in same weekend (Jordan, Suni, Jade, Grace)
  • Amelia Knight (Illinois) Beam Mount & Dismount
  • We NEED to talk about Brooklyn Moors Floor OMG!!!!
  • LSU 13,569 insane! I want to go to an LSU meet so hype
  • MSU Hype Media- THE BEST- UNC Hype Reel
  • Karas Kickover- Subjectivity in Judging
  • Discussion-
  • Michigan 3 perfection 10s in a row on vault
  • Gabby finally gets a 10 on floor
  • 198.525 Program Record
  • Makie’s floor- Tumbling Awesome, Routine ??
  • 9.9 Notebook
  • TOP 5 Region 5 Alums in the National Rankings
  • Week #5 Breakdown

Payton Murphy star of the Alabama broadcast

Makarri nephews fluff piece- biggest fans

Hannah Nam- Layout Layout, so solid on Db pike 1 ½ front 1/1

1 arm front hsp to gainer 1/1 off the side from UNC

Kentucky Quad…That is NOT Hannah DeMers on the beam it is Bustelo!

Senior Night for Iowa- Bridget Killian and Carina Tolan

D3- Kelsey, Faith, Kara (WhiteWater) from the NIU meet 

New R5 CollegeSalute_Podcast Instagram and Youtube Channel

Toe Point President

Rachel Borden

Andi Li 

Helen Hu

Olivia O’Donell



Alana Anderson

Anna Haigis

  • Sparkle and Shine on Tik Tok
  • Built Bar Best 5 of the Week
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