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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Chasing Olympic Dreams

Region 5 Elites who chased Olympic Glory: Jaycie Phelps, CGA

Our next Region 5 Elite who chased Olympic Glory is Jaycie Phelps. Jaycie was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana outside of Indianapolis. Jaycie took...

Region 5 Elites who chased Olympic Glory: Amanda Borden, CGA

P & G Championships have come to an end and the US National Team and Trials competitors have been named. We take a look back...

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Podcast: College Salute- NCAA Championships: History Is Made, Wolverines Win, WEBB WOWS!

The 2021 NCAA Championships will always be remembered as the team champions club gained its newest member. The University of Michigan became only the...

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Coaches Wired: Michael Hauser, BIG | Mic’d up with Mikey

In this episode of Coaches Wired, Michael Hauser (Mikey) from BIG Gymnastics prepares their level 10 Kaitlyn Grimes during vault warm-ups and then competition...