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2017 Cereal City Classic Coverage Page

This past weekend Region 5 Insider headed to the 22nd annual Cereal City Classic hosted by Branch Gymnastics in Battle Creek Michigan. As a kid this used to be one of my favorite meets to compete at because I loved Kelloggs! I even used to try and still the large Fruit Loops box that was on display each year (secretly I still try). This year the Level 9/10 session was small, but mighty. The small meets are great to film because it gives others a chance to get recognized. At the Cereal City Classic, GTC brought a full Level 10 team, with big skills and powerful floor routines, Midland Gymnastics Level 10 Rylie Johnstone brought a rarely seen Yurchenko Tuck 1 1/2 vault that should not be missed and Branch’s Level 10s dazzled as usual with stunning floor and beam, it is always a joy to watch them compete.

Meet Results

Cereal City Classic-Level 10

14-17 yrs old



  1. Rylie Johnstone-Midland Gymnastics, 9.350 Video
  2. Anna Grace McCullough-Branch, 9.250
  3. Abby Carpenter-GTC, 9.225 Video



  1. Emily Carless-Branch, 9.300 Video
  2. Maya McRae-GTC, 9.175
  3. Anna Grace McCullough-Branch, 9.075 Video




  1. Abby Carpenter-GTC, 9.250
  2. Anna Grace McCullough-Branch, 9.225 Video
  3. Emily Careless-Branch, 9.200 Video



  1. Anna Grace McCullough-Branch, 9.450 Video
  2. Samantha Sworst-GTC, 9.450 Video
  3. Naomi German-GTC, 9.325 Video



  1. Anna Grace McCullough-Branch, 37.000
  2. Emily Careless-Branch, 36.900
  3. Naomi German-GTC, 36.425

Meet Videos

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