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2016 Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards (Part 2)

This is what we have all been waiting for number 5-1 of the Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List!!!

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5. Gym World (*1st Yr)


Gym World’s Leotards are different and I love that! I love the mixture of the bold colors and the jewels covering the entire front. This leo reminds me of a warrior because of all the jewels on the front body it looks like a shield something a Roman would wear. The Gym name is also on the back in jewels which I love too!

4. AGA (*1st Yr)


What I love the most about AGA’s Leotard is that it is completely original! There is no other leotard in Region 5 like it. This is a great leo for every body type and every age, the lace back and sleeves makes it look so elegant and refined. I love the royal blue color and the corset strapless top look.  Being a gymnast of the 90s I extremely love the key hole back! This leotard is certainly something special and a great design, it also looks extremely comfortable.

3. Bay Valley Academy (*1st Yr)


BVA has some pretty unique colors, colors that you do not really see together very often and I believe they are the only gym in Region 5 to mix these three colors together in this way. What I love most about this leo is that it is completely different. The use of the lime green as the main color of the leo is not something I would have thought of myself, only using the black in a small way as more of an accent color really makes this leo stand out on the competition floor. This leo matches BVA exactly,  the gymnasts are unique and have exquisitely unique routines and style all of their very own, so I would no expect their leos to be anything less than eye-catching, just like their personalities and floor routines.

2. Gym X-treme (*2nd Yr)

Gym X-Treme2016

Gym X-Treme’s Leo is one of my ultimate favorites because it is different, I love how the yellow and white stand out on the black and purple leo. The boldness of this leo is what makes Gym X-Treme stand out, this leo also reminds me of New Orleans and Mardi Gras, it is just so fun. It also is another one of those leos that no one else has, purple has been a really popular color this season, but this purple really pops when you incorporate the white and yellow.


1. UGA (*3rd Yr)


As soon as I saw UGA’s leo I instantly knew that I loved it and that it would be my number 1 choice. I have always been a fan of blue and white together, maybe because those were my high school colors, I love the jewels and the details on every part of the leo. This leo is extremely elegant and reminds me of a beautiful dress that could be worn to a high society function or a white house dinner. It also looks really good on every person on the team, from the oldest to the youngest this leo is tasteful and mature, but still playful and fun.


Thank you to everyone in Region  5 for allowing to take photos of our leos to construct this list and I can’t wait to see what great leos at next years Region 5 Championships


****To be eligible for the Top 10 Leos list, your gym MUST have a Level 10 competing in one of the Level 10 Sessions at Region 5 Championships.****


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