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The 1st Annual Region 5 Yahtzee Awards (2016)

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In honor of the upcoming Region 5 Banquet, we here at Region 5 Insider have compiled a set of fun, different and special awards to honor the hard work of our Region 5 athletes. Every year, athletes from around the region are honored at the Region 5 banquet for various reasons, so we thought we would give our own annual awards to the Region 5 athletes and coaches as well. So, I am proud to introduce the 1st Annual Yahtzee Awards!!!!!

For the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to view the nominees and vote for your favorites. The winners will be informed, announced and posted the week of the Region 5 Banquet.

Best Form



Most Powerful



Best Stick



Best Hair

photo1 copy IMG_8776-1 photo2 copy

Keeley Young, Olympic Dreams         Cincinnati Gymnastics                    MEGA

photo3 copy IMG_1222

Legacy Elite                                               Champion USA


Favorite Coaching Moments


new heights                                 1725009_10202411237996407_1234881558_n

New Heights Matching Coaches             Brett Wargo’s Dancing Skills

IMG_8807     0013729e4ad91171fd5c03

Coaching Families (Legacy Elite & Oakland)


Olympia’s Pre-Routine Moments                Steve Kam’s High Energy



Make sure to cast your votes for your favorites! Two more voting posts to follow! Tell all your friends!



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