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“Ones to Watch” Region 5’s TwentyFive (Ohio)

It is that time of year again, time to bring all of the best gymnasts in Region 5 together to see who will qualify to the Dream Team and have the honor of representing Region 5 at the JO National Championships (May 5-7). I absolutely love this time of year! Championship season is always the most exciting, full of energy, excitement, determination, a little bit of stress and lots of hard work paying off.

This week we are heading to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2017 Region 5 Championships which brings all 5 states together to compete for one goal…..to make the DREAM  TEAM! Region 5 is one of the most highly competitive regions in the entire country, making the Dream Team for Region 5 is never an easy task. However now that USA Gymnastics has added 4 more age groups (changed in 2016) it does allow the opportunity for more athletes to fulfill the dream of qualifying to JO Nationals. Usually, it is pretty easy to tell who will make  the Dream Team, but anything can happen at any time, nothing is guaranteed in the sport of gymnastics. So, prior to Regionals we are going to focus on the up & coming gymnasts of Region 5 from each state. Region 5’s Twentyfive “Ones to watch”, first up the gymnasts from Ohio.


Nicole Borkowski, New Heights

Nikki Beckwith, Buckeye

Rachel DeCavitch, Gym World

Colby Miller, Perfection

DeShanti Young, Cincinnati Gymnastics

Look for these routines this weekend at Region 5 Championships

Next Up! Indiana



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