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It’s Yahtzee Awards Time….


It is almost that time of year again!….for the 2nd Annual Region 5 Insider Yahtzee Awards!!!

Starting this Wednesday (August 23) voting will begin for the 2017 Yahtzee Awards. For the next 3 Wednesdays you will be able to view & vote for your favorite Region 5 Athletes & Moments across 16 different categories.

The winners will be announced the week of Region 5 Congress as part of our Congress Coverage.


Yahtzee Award Categories include:


Unique Vault
Best Bar Combo
Huge Air (Bars)
Most Unique Beam Mount
Best Beam Series

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Best Floor Choreography
Best Music
Best Performance
Most Entertaining
Best Form
Most Powerful


Team Spirit
Memorable Meet Moment
Coaching Moment
Best Pre-Routine Handshake
Best Stick











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