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2017 Top 10 Region 5 Favorite Leotards (10-6)

One of my favorite aspects of the Region 5 Championships is checking out all of the new and old leotards from the competing teams. Each year I run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting pictures of all the fun, unique, stylish and fantastic leotards to put together the Annual Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List! This will be the 4th year for the list and I have to say to all the coaches out there in Region 5, GREAT JOB! you are making this decision INCREDIBLY hard year after year! I absolutely LOVE IT!

So, the moment everyone has been waiting for………..Drum Roll Please!….Here is my Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List numbers 10-6!

10. Hunt’s Gymnastics Academy (Michigan 2nd yr)

This is one of those leotards that I have seen in a few different color options, however there is something so simple and elegant about the black with the silver. I also love how Hunts accents the leotard with their signature color hair bow and their “Hunts Hair”. This is another leotard that also looks great on all of the members of their team.


9. Palmer’s Gymnastics (Illinois 1st yr)

This leotard is certainly fun and different. I have seen this done in a few different color options, but I really love the red! Maybe because I am partial to red (my gym color is red & black) but other color pallets I have seen the design and sparkles are so overwhelming. Palmers gets it exactly right with the red, black and silver design. The back is so elegant as well with how it criss crosses, it stands out for sure.




8. Oakland (Michigan 1st yr)/Perfection (Ohio 2nd yr)

Ombre definitely is the style of the year, my own gym actually has ombre leotards as well. What I love about Oakland & Perfections leos is that they are the same, but different. Looking at them separately out on the competition floor you would think that they were 100% the same, however looking closer as they are side by side, they have so many differences that they could almost be there own numbers on the list. However, they are sharing the number 8 spot because I like them equally! I love how they each have a different design of jeweling & a different neck line, Oakland has more of a sweetheart neckline while Perfections seems to melt together with the jeweling design. Both use a darker shade of their color ,which I love, the deep purple and the dark teal look exquisite on the competition floor. It has taken me a little bit of time to get used to Oakland’s new teal color, but I absolutely love it! These leos are also another one that seem to look great on every gymnast on the team, from the 18 year olds all the way down to the 8 year olds.


7. Buckeye (Ohio 1st yr)

 There were a few pink & black leotards out there this year and a few that kind of have the same theme. It took a lot of back & forth, but in the end Buckeye won out for the 7th spot on the list. This is one of those leotards that is elegant & classy. I love how the back resembles a strappy ball gown and the front adds simplicity without being overwhelming. The detail on the arms is another reason I was drawn to this leotard.


6. Olympia (Michigan 3rd yr)/I.G.I (Illinois 1st yr)

I have always loved leotards that are one solid color, for me there is something so elegant and different about them, especially these days because you really do not see many that are a solid color. Olympia, who always does their signature red, stands out to me because you can literally see this leo from across the gym. This picture does not do it justice, I remember the first time I saw them I was blown away by the bling! It was like walking into a disco party and the gymnasts of Olympia were the disco ball. I also love I.G.I, the royal blue reminds me of a leotard I had as a kid and the intricate jewel work is stunning!  The design covers every part of the leotard, front, back and the arms making them stand out with every movement.


Honorable Mentions


1. Champion USA (Michigan)

2. Flip N Twist (Ohio)



3. Olympic Dreams (Ohio)

4. Midland (Michigan)



Stay Tuned for 5-1!!

****For leotards to be eligible for the list, the club has to have at least 1 athlete competing in any Level 10 session at the Region 5 Championships****


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