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2017 JO Nationals Preview- Region 5 Juniors

The 2017 Junior Olympic Championships hits Region 5 this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. Region 5 has a mixture  of newcomers, veterans and some former elites on this years Dream Team. After the success of their Level 9 counterparts in Diamondale last weekend, Region 5 is set to conquer the JO National Championships and keep the  Super Team Trophy right here in our region.



Junior A

The Junior A’s  may all be first time  JO Nationals qualifiers, but that does not mean they aren’t already accomplished athletes, boasting a Nastia Cup Competitor, Two Hope Athletes, a Level 9 National Champion & one of the most beautiful floor & beam workers I know.  This group of talented young ladies is lead Madelyn Bellmore, who is the younger sister to Twistars stand out Chloe Bellmore. Maddie is
certainly now stranger to great gymnastics as is  prepared to lead this team in a big way this weekend. Gantner of JPAC was a level 8 a season ago and competes some of the biggest skills in the competition.  Each one of these young ladies is super talented and ready to take on their first JO Nationals! The future is definitely bright in Region 5 with these athletes entering the competition floor.
Meet the Junior A’s click here

[one-half-first]Madelyn Bellmore-Twistars USA
Avery Grant-Bay Valley Academy
Katie Harper-Universal
Savannah Miller-Oakland
[one-half]Alayna Karl-Legacy Elite
Sydney Jelen-Legacy Elite
Elizabeth Gantner-JPAC


Junior B

The young ladies of Junior B are lead by 3 two time JO National qualifiers, Grace King (AGA), Madison Snook (Legacy Elite) & Nikki Beckwith (Buckeye) who all made their Nationals debut last year in Texas. Along with Skyla Schulte (Phenom),  2016 Level 9 Eastern National Champion and Ella Cesario (Legacy Elite), 2nd to Schulta at the 2016 Eastern Nationals, this group could find themselves at the top of the podium when the chalk dust settles.  The Junior B’s are rounded out by two first year qualifiers Madeline Crosse (Naperville) & Erika Penamante (Legacy Elite).
Meet the Junior B’s click here


[one-half-first]Ella Cesario-Legacy Elite
Grace King-AGA
Madison Snook-Legacy Elite
Madeline Crosse-Naperville

[one-half]Erika Penamante-Legacy Elite
Nikki Beckwith-Buckeye
Skyla Schulte-Phenon


Junior C

Junior C is one of those stacked age groups, lead by former Elite  and JO National All Around champion Alyssa Al-Ashari (Twistars USA). This group is full of beautiful gymnastics that grabs your attention immediately. Hannah Nam (CGA) & Hannah Oliveros (I.G.I) mix the nice lines with beautiful form. Riley Milbrandt, who can moon walk with the best of them, always comes to entertain especially on the floor. The Junior C’s first year JO National Qualifiers Cassandra Barbante (Palmers), Haley Tyson (Phenom) & Tori Ferguson (JPAC) are hungry and ready to leap Region 5 to a victory. Keep an eye on this team!
Meet the Junior C’s click here

[one-half-first]Alyssa Al-Ashari-Twistars USA
Haley Tyson-Phenom
Hannah Nam-CGA
Cassandra Barbante-Palmer’s

[one-half]Hannah Oliveros-I.G.I
Tori Ferguson-JPAC
Riley Milbrandt-Legacy Elite



Junior D

The ladies of Junior D are no strangers to JO Nationals and winning! This group is led by another former Elite Delanie Harkness (Twistars), like Al-Ashari is a former JO National AA Champion. Delanie will lead a strong contingent of veterans and newcomers. The Junior Ds also boost two Nastia Liukin Cup Competitors, two teammates who have experienced JOs before and two newbies who show exquisite lines. Gillian Rutz (Perfection) & Emma Pritchard (Gym X-treme) both competed at the 2017 Nastia Liukin Cup. Dani Petrousek (GAR) & Gianna Gerdes (Gym X-treme) have both been to nationals before and Anna Grace McCullough (Branch) will bring style and grace to the competition floor. Along with Alyssa Parlich (Aerial) this is will fair well against the other Junior Ds of the country.
Meet the Junior D’s click here

[one-half-first]Delanie Harkness-Twistars USA
Gillian Rutz-Perfection
Gianna Gerdes-Gym X-Treme
Dani Petrousek-GAR

[one-half]Emma Pritchard-Gym X-Treme
Alyssa Parlich-Aerial
Anna Grace (AG) McCullough-Branch

Junior E

The Junior E age group is sure to bring excitement & entertainment to the competition floor with Andrea Li (Legacy Elite) who has scored above a 39 All-Around and displays tremendous beauty on the balance beam to Mickayla Stucky (CGA) who as a competitive dancer has one of the most entertaining floor routines in the competition. Junior E also will look to Aria Brusch (CGA), a former Elite to lead the charge in the power events but not to be over looked on all four. Sierra Brooks (Aspire) tied for 2nd with Li in 2016  brings the big skills and lots of energy.  Newbie JerQuavia Henderson (Gym Corners) brings  tremendous power and talent to this group (one of the biggest Yurchenko Fulls you will see). Lauren Bannister (Champion-KY) & Raina Malas (Buckeye) round out Junior E with precision and energy! Look out for big scores and impressive showmanship from this talented group.
Meet the Junior E’s click here

[one-half-first]Andrea Li-Legacy Elite
Aria Brusch-CGA
Sierra Brooks-Aspire
JerQuavia Henderson-Gym Corners

[one-half]Mickayla Stuckey-CGA
Lauren Bannister-Champion (KY)
Raina Malas-Buckeye

Junior F

There is so much I can say about the Junior F age group, but all the words would still be understatements. This group of 7 young ladies is hands down the most experienced and talented group in the entire country. The top 4 athletes went 38+ at the Region 5 Championships, with the remaining 3 boosting high 37s. Lead by 2016 JO National All Around champion Gabryel Wilson (Olympia), former  JO National Bars champion Matilyn Waligora (Olympia); both Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifiers,  along with Chloe Bellmore (Twistars), Karlie Franz (Hunts) and Isabel Redmond (Olympia), this group brings knock it out of the park potential. This age group is full of power, grace & high flying gymnastics on every event. Not to be overlooked, Brooklyn Sears (Tops) & Payton Murphy (Palmer’s) round out this exceptionally talented group of athletes with their own styles and quality of gymnastics. This is the premier group of girls! Do not miss this age group, it will be exciting for sure.
Meet the Junior F’s click here

[one-half-first]Gabryel Wilson-Olympia
Matilyn Waligora-Olympia
Chloe Bellmore-Twistars USA
Karlie Franz-Hunts

[one-half]Isabel Redmond-Olympia
Brooklyn Sears-TOPS
Payton Murphy-Palmer’s


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