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20 Questions with Perfection’s Zoie Pelfrey

It’s Tuesday!!! That means it’s 20 Questions Tuesday!! Today we are getting to know 2019 Level 9 Eastern National Floor Exercise Bronze Medalist and 1st year Level 10 Zoie Pelfrey. Zoie is a slightly taller gymnast, which make her lines stunning! I absolutely LOVE watching her on the balance beam and the floor exercise, she definitely knows how to show off her routines and extend all the way through her finger tips! Her gymnastics is confident, sharpe and aggressive. Zoie is now a level 10, at Perfection Gymnastics in Cincinnati Ohio,  I cannot wait to see where her beautiful form and exquisite lines take her on the rest of her gymnastics journey. Make sure to watch her beam routine this season and check out the lovely side aerial to scale she flawlessly performs, its unique, different and gorgeous. As competition season is near lets get to know Zoie a little better as she continues her preparation for what could be a spectacular season for this talented young athlete. We will be seeing her here in the next couple weeks as Region 5 Insider travels to Perfection Gymnastics to film an All Access workout. 

How did you get into Gymnastics? How old were you? I became interested in gymnastics because my older sister competed and it looked so fun. I started in Level 4 when I was 9 years old.

What is your favorite event? Why? My favorite event is floor. I love the crowd, the excitement, performing and showing off my artistic side of gymnastics.

Favorite Skill? Dream Skill? My favorite skill is an aerial scale on beam. My dream skill is a double layout on floor

Favorite part of Gymnastics? Why? My favorite part of gymnastics is the daily challenge to be better. I also love being a part of a team and supporting my teammates with their goals.

Biggest Accomplishment in Gymnastics so far? My biggest accomplishment in gymnastics so far is becoming a level 10 gymnast. I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

1st thing you did when you were able to get back into the gym? The first thing I did when returning to the gym after the “COVID shutdown” was focus on basics and gaining my strength back. As a gym we took it slow, eased back into training the proper way. It made the transition coming back easier mentally and physically. 

Talk about returning to training post COVID, being out for so long (how long?) The struggles, successes, how long it took to get skills back and how it was adjusting to our new normal. My gym was closed for 3 months during the COVID. When I returned there were good days and bad days. My biggest struggle was finding my “rhythm” on the events and gaining strength. My skills came back fairly quickly but adjusting to the “new normal” was difficult in the beginning. Even though some things still looks different I’m so grateful to be back in the gym training. 

Most embarrassing meet or training meet? My most embarrassing meet was level 4
state meet. After landing my second vault, saluting the judges and walking off the mat I tripped and fell into the judges table. I was so so embarrassed. I ended up winning vault that meet….but still lol. 

Something you have learned from Gymnastics that you will take with you? Gymnastics has taught me to never give up, keep pushing forward, and anything worth having doesn’t come easy. These are lesson I will carry with me through life. 

Who is your biggest role model? Why? My biggest role model is Amelia Hundley. Meels is the hardest worker and has never let adversity stop her. She has always been so supportive and kind inside and outside of the gym. 

What is something that sets your gym and/or your team part? I feel the atmosphere at Perfection sets it apart from other gyms. We are family. Communication is encouraged and my coaches and teammates are so supportive. We work hard, push one another and celebrate successes. 

What is your role on your Level 10 Team or you role in your gym in general? I feel my role as a gymnast at Perfection is a leader. I work hard and try to lead by example everyday in and out of the gym. I always cheer for my teammates and will take time to hep them with anything, talk to them or motivate them if needed. I want them to know I’m always here for them.

Most memorable Gymnastics moment My most memorable gymnastics moment was qualifying and competing at Eastern Nationals. The entire Region 5 staff was amazing. I had such a great experience and met life-long friends in the process. These are moments I will never forget. 

How would you explain the year 2020 to your future children/grandchildren? I would explain 2020 to my future kids/grandkids as difficult but productive. It was so hard being out of the gym and having major changes in my daily routine but my coaches/staff at Perfection provided me with daily structure and goals via Zoom. I was very productive and remained supported from my coaches and teammates throughout the closure. 

What is the most valuable piece of advice or wisdom your coaches have given you? My coaches have taught me so many valuable lessons but I think the one that replays in my mind everyday is “Enjoy the process”. ET always reminds us to “be in the moment” and I love that. 

How did you stay motivated during your COVID Quarantine time out of the gym? Staying motivated during the “COVID Shutdown” was difficult but doable. My coaches put together daily Zoom workouts of conditioning, cardio and active flex. We also had “zoom privates” that were specific to each event and weekly zoom calls with teammates and coaches. It was difficult but we made the best of it. “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade”.

Do you have a nickname? If so what is it? What is the story behind it? I have a lot of short-lived nicknames through the years, but most people in and out of the gym, call me Zo!

What really makes you laugh? I have a loud, boisterous laugh…it’s basically a cackle. My friends and family make me laugh the most and the hardest, but I also laugh at myself….ALOT!

If you could have any super power what would it be? Why? If I could have a superpower it would be to fly. I can imagine it would feel amazing and obviously seeing things from a different perspective would be super cool. 

What is a question not on this list that should have been? Add your question we should of asked you and then answer it. If I could’ve asked a questions that wasn’t on this list it would have been “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” I see myself as a retired college gymnast, with a degree in biology. I would like to then continue my education and become a Physicians Assistant and with with children. I have always had a passion to help people and make a difference and I feel if you can combine work with passion you’ll love your job.

Bonus Question: Tell us something interesting about yourself……….. Something interesting about me is that I complete 7th & 8th grade in one year. 



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