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The 1st Annual Region 5 Yahtzee Awards Part 3 (2016)

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We have come to the last 5 categories in our 1st Annual Region 5 Yahtzee Awards. Voting is now open for Part 3, if you missed the first two polls click here Part#1, Part#2

Voting will close for all polls September 10th. Winners will be announced the week of  the Region 5 Banquet with awards being sent to the gyms of the winners.


Most Unique Beam Series


Most Interesting Beam Mount

Most Unique Bar Combo


Most Unique Vault

Most Team Spirit
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Thank you everyone who has taken the time to vote for the 1st Annual Region 5 Insider Yahtzee Awards. Voting will close September 10th, look for the winners to be announced the week of the Region 5 Banquet!

Missed the other two polls, here you go! Part IPart II







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