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Region 5 Twenty Five- Indiana

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Championship time is here in Region 5. Region 5 Championships will take place in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Turnstone Center (Plassman Athletic Center) beginning Thursday April 13th.

Each year we highlight athletes from each of our 5 states. You might not know these names, but we think you should watch out for for these athletes as they compete for a spot on their first 2023 Region 5 Dream Team for Level 10.


Here are 5 ones to watch from Indiana:

Syvanna Navarro (JPAC) JrF

Syvanna has been one of my favorites for a long time! I absolutely love watching her perform one the Floor, she has such a presence about her on the event she is like a quiet storm with effortless and precise movements that match the music and make you take notice it’s no wonder Syvanna is the 2023 Indiana State Floor Champion.

Ella Hargreaves (JPAC) JrD

Ella Hargreaves is a unique story started her journey to Level 10 through the Xcel program she was actually the 2016 Regional Floor Champion. Ella moved into the JO programed and quickly shot up the levels and the podium. Making her way up to the 2022 L9 Eastern Champions. In 2023 Ella was the Indiana State Balance Beam Champion. Ella displays beautiful lines & extension, especially in the split jumps & leaps, as well as sharp movements and focus.

Mecca Chandler (Flip Zone) SrA

Mecca Chandler from the Flip Zone Hails from the same as Drake White and posses many of the same qualities. Also catching my eye at the same 2021 L9 Easterns Mecca is the 2021 Eastern L9 Vault Champion and you will not want to miss her on this event as well. Mecca is a powerful athlete that will show confidence and sharpness in her gymnastics as she looking to make her first DEV National in her 2nd level 10 season.

Katie Ferguson (JPAC) SrA

Katie Ferguson from JPAC has been on our radar since she was young showing talent right out of the gate especially on the Uneven Bars. Katie is a natural born swinger and with her beautiful piked Jaeger and double layout you will definitely see why along with the fact she is the 2023 Indiana State Bar Champion. Look for Katie to stand out from the rest this weekend on the event.

Drake White (Flip Zone) SrC

Drake is no stranger to our list, we have been watching her for a few years now. Drake first caught my eye as a level 9 at the 2021 L9 Eastern Nationals with her powerful Vaults & fun, sassy Floor Routine. In 2023 Drake was the Indiana State Vault Champion, so this week she will definitely be one to watch on that event as well as on the Floor.


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