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Making Moves Monday for September 21, 2020

As we continue to adapt to our new normal for gymnastics training which includes social distancing and sanitizing stations/mats before rotating, Region 5 is making its way back with eyes set of 2021. During these first few weeks we will be featuring both old and new skills as everyone tries to recondition their bodies and minds to gymnastics again.

If you want your current or upgraded skills to be included in future making your move posts, upload your video to your gymnastics Instagram page or your clubs page (must be public) and tag us @region5gyminsider and #R5MakingMovesMonday.

Handspring Front Vaults from Gym Etc

Taylor Devries, Flips

Megan Hunt, Aspire

Hannah Scheible, All American Flames

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Hannah 2023 Front doubles and back doubles ?

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Darielis Aviles, Cincinnati

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Beam series upgrade

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Ella Chemotti, EuroStars

Lilly Clapper, Gym America

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Here are a few videos from tonight’s practice!

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Brenna Woodruff, GTC Indiana

Katya Sander, Perfection

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lol just in timeeee???? so, i was just layin’ in bed, ready to catch some z’s, ya know, as one does at almost midnight (oops, workin’ on going to bed earlier, but it’s a process alright??) and realized that i hadn’t even made a single post celebrating a national holiday i hold oh-so-super-duper near to my heart: national gymnastics day!! – now i actually quit using social media for many reasons, which we won’t get into rn, but i will make this single exception for u, jim. thank u for making my heart so happy with all the fun times u bring and people u have connected with & opportunities u have brought to me. i love u with ALLLL my heart dude!! – katya p.s.— sorry beam, i promise i love u too, but i forgot to get vids w u last practice, so next time? ok? ok. – good lord i talk (type*?) too much ahaha peace, love, & good night my dear friends!!❤️❤️ #ngd

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New Upgrades from JPAC

Mila Halpin, Kentucky Gymnastics Academy

Kendra Hinge, Libertyville


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