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Making Moves Monday for August 10, 2020

As we continue to adapt to our new normal for gymnastics training which includes social distancing and sanitizing stations/mats before rotating, Region 5 is making its way back with eyes set of 2021. During these first few weeks we will be featuring both old and new skills as everyone tries to recondition their bodies and minds to gymnastics again.

If you want your current or upgraded skills to be included in future making your move posts, upload your video to your gymnastics Instagram page or your clubs page (must be public) and tag us @region5gyminsider and #R5MakingMovesMonday.

Madison Greene, Legacy Gymnastics (KY)

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Full and half progress into resi- August 7th, 2020

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Jazzy Chism, Midwest Elite

More New Releases from Midwest Elite

Katya Sander, Perfection (Huge Church!!!!)

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OMG the fact that I haven’t posted on here in literally almost a year, lordy lordy me oh my????? but anywho, a LOT has happened since the last I popped in on here, huh? let’s see… – workin’ backwards—GUESS WHO CAUGHT HER CHURCH YESTERDAY?!! (FiNalLy oh my goodness?? #iykyk) catching a new release = quite possibly the best feeling ever, change my mind☺️???✌️ – also got my new beam dismount and can’t wait to get it to #tenostatus! hehehe – starting to work full-ins into the resi again! #beenaminute – workin’ on adding a fun little ~*twist*~ on an old pass on floor!?? – &&&& in case ya missed it over on my personal insta… i committed to @stanford and am jumping-out-of-my-frickin-pants-exCITED to head on over to cali and be a part of the @stanfordgymnastics team???❤️? – and fam and i also got a new puppy named Truffle teehehe! (swipe for the cutest piece of evidence u’ve ever seen) – and that’s about it! well and season. that happened. well kinda. okay, y’all know what happened with all that, but i still just wanted to say that—despite all the craziness and uncertainty we’re all facing—i honestly feel like i am in the best headspace i’ve ever been in and am oh-so-SO pumped for all that is to come #soon!?? . (and a final little p.s.—i just wanted to say that i know these times can be super duper uber hard for everyone, and especially certain peeps, so… i just want y’all to remember that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes (i PROMISE ur girl still has her ?? days as well.) and if anyone needs to hit a girl up, i am here..<3 okay FRFR done now hahah k bye:))

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Delaney Cienkus, Premier West

Kendra Hinge, Libertyville

Lauryn Martin, Midwest Elite (Quad Series)

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Decided to make it a quad series yesterday!!

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Reese Samuelson, Rockford (Triple Flight)

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New triple series and turn

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Ady Wahl, Zanesville Gymnastics

Julie Charland, JPAC

Gabbi Stephens, Midwest Elite

Taylor Smith, Premier West


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