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20 Questions with JO National Qualifier Avery Chambers (BIG Gymnastics)

It’s Tuesday!! That means its 20 Questions Tuesday!! Summer is quickly coming to a close, which is crazy, kids are starting to return to school and full training in preparation for the 2020-2021 season. It should be very interesting to see how gymnastics for most states continues into this new season once school gets underway. In 3 weeks we will be taking a short break from our 20 Questions 2019-2020 series as we begin the 2020-2021 season and a new set of questions are created for the new post lockdown season. 

Our next 20 Questions athlete is a 2020 JO National Qualifier (1st alternate) Avery Chambers. Avery, who will be entering her Junior Year at Glenbard East High School, trains at BIG Gymnastics in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Avery, who has a twin sister involved in Track & Field, has goals of Collegiate Gymnastics, but is unsure of where she would like to attend after graduation. The Corona Pandemic has turned the world upside down & athletes, especially gymnasts have had to adapt their training to fit the new rules & specifications imposed by their specific states. However, this has not deteriorated their passion & drive for the sport. 4 out of the 5 Region 5 states have been back to practice for a little over a month now & we are definitely seeing big things coming from many of these young athletes. I am excited to see what happens this season with these remarkable athletes. Avery has two more years with us here in Region 5 & two more opportunities to make a run at the JO National Championships. So, let’s get to know Avery a little better as she starts her Junior year of High School & continues to make up for lost time in the gym. 

How did you get into gymnastics? How old were you?

My mom put me and my sister into classes at the park district because we were always flipping around the house. I was only about 2 or 3 years old at the time. I ended up sticking with it and started competing when I was 6.

What is your favorite event? Why?

My favorite event has always been beam because its really challenging and unique.

Favorite Skill to train/compete? Why?

My favorite skill to compete is a yurchenko full on vault, because I have so much adrenaline and power!

Dream Skill?

My dream skill to compete would be a full in on floor. I’ve trained them before, but I think it would be really cool to compete it someday!

What is your favorite part of gymnastics?

My favorite part of gymnastics is getting to do it with the support of my teammates and coaches. They’re the ones who make it so much fun!

What college do you plan on attending?

I am undecided on where I plan on going to college.

What is your favorite meet to compete at? Why?

My favorite meet to compete at is State because it’s the first meet of the post season and I love the energy! It’s the last meet where you really get to compete with your team and it’s so much fun!

Biggest accomplishment in gymnastics so far?

My biggest accomplishment in gymnastics so far has been qualifying to JO nationals as the first alternate.

What is your favorite Region 5 Insider Feature or Series?

I really like the all access series because it’s cool to get to see how other gyms practice, and to see the different drills and coaching techniques they use.

What kinds of things really make you laugh?

Spending time with my friends always makes me laugh!

3 Things you could not live without?

I could not live with out my family, friends, and sleep!

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?

If I could be any animal, I would be a dog. Dogs have always been one of my favorite animals. They’re so friendly and happy all the time and I want to know what life is like for them!

Thoughts on the 2019-2020 Season ending like it did?

It’s really sad that the season had to end the way it did! I know we had all been training very hard during the season and were very excited for post season to start. I wish we could have gotten to finish our season, but I understand that this is what’s best for our health and safety.

What are you doing to keep up your training during Corona Quarantine?

I am going on runs all the time, we have lots of workouts together as a team on zoom, and I am doing basics/stretching/working out on my own as much as I can at home.

What do you miss most about gymnastics during this time?

I really miss my teammates and coaches! But I also just miss the feeling of working hard all practice to get better and to get ready for what’s ahead.

What is the first thing you want to do once you can get back to gym & training?

I’m really excited to get back and do bars! That’s something I definitely haven’t been able to do at home and there’s really no feeling like it.

Most embarrassing meet moment or gymnastics moment?

My most embarrassing moment at a meet was when I was a level 9 and I was competing on bars. My routine was going really well until my dismount, when I closed my shoulders and pulled in. I nearly hit my head on the bar and hit my legs pretty hard!

Do you have a nickname? If so what Is the story behind it?

Some people call me Ave or Avers. There’s not really a story behind them, just my name shortened!

Which athletes (any sport) do you respect the most and why?

I really respect all athletes during these difficult times! With seasons being cut short, I know how hard it’s been for athletes to stay motivated from home. I respect everyone who’s been pushing through these tough times!

Something you learned from Gymnastics that you will take with you?

One thing that I’ve learned from gymnastics is time management. Obviously gymnastics is very time consuming, and I have learned to balance my school work, practice and my free time.

Most Memorable Gymnastics or Nationals Moment?

My most memorable moment from Nationals was just getting to know the girls on my team and who I roomed with, as well as girls from other age groups. At first we were all pretty quiet around each other, but by the end of the weekend we’d gotten much closer and that was probably my favorite moment.

What is the most valuable piece of advice or wisdom your coach has given you?

The most valuable piece of advice I’ve gotten from a coach was that I need to have confidence in myself in order to get better. I’ve been told I am too hard on myself, and that confidence is just as important as anything else in gymnastics.

Bonus Question:Tell me something interesting about yourself….

I have a fraternal twin sister named Brynn!



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