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Karas Kickover Top 5 from NCAA Week #1

This NCAA season we have former Region 5 Alum and Michigan Wolverine star Olivia Karas giving us her Top 5 moments each week. Olivia will be joining us on the College Salute Podcast when her busy schedule allows to give a former collegiate gymnasts perspective but will be doing her weekly kick over of her standouts for us to enjoy.

Check out the College Salute Week#1- Caught in the Webb of Waligora

Karas Kickover Audio Piece

Karas Kickover Top 5

#5 Kai Rivers, LSU- Unmatched Sportsmanship

#4 Marissa Oakley. Georgia- Put a smile on your face with her Bars!

#3 Makarri Doggette, Alabama- SOARS! BIG BAMA Stuck Dismount

#2 Ellie Lazzari, Florida Guns Blazing into this Season

#1 Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma- Pristine Flick Sass and Confidence

Check back next week for Oliva’s Top 5 for Week #2 and check out week 1 of the College Salute podcast for more on our Region 5 Alums.


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