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Karas Kickover NCAA Week 10

We have reached the final week of the regular season for NCAA Gymnastics. This coming weekend proves to be an exciting one with conference championships on the line along with increasing that National Qualifying Score (NQS). The were some big time performances in week 10 and here are some of them in this weeks Top 5 moments from former Region 5 Alum and Michigan Wolverine star Olivia Karas. It was a CAREER HIGH week oh and there was a standing full!!!

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  5. Gabby Perea, California Beam Exhibition  STANDING FULL  


4. Avery Balser, Rutgers Floor 9.8-  Career High on Floor  


3. Bridget Killian, Iowa  Beam 9.875-  Career High   


2. Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma Floor 9.95  Tying Career High   


  1. Rachel Borden (Illinois), Beam 9.875  Career HIGH! 



SPECIAL 1+ Congrats to the the Region 5 Girls from Michigan: Gabby, Sierra, Abbie, Anne and Anna- Another program high score- Alumni Pride!


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