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Karas Kickover Top 5 From NCAA Week #8

This NCAA season we have former Region 5 Alum and Michigan Wolverine star Olivia Karas giving us her Top 5 moments each week. Olivia commentates for the Big Ten Network and keeps up with the action from around the nation to find those stand out moments. She is able to give us a former collegiate gymnasts perspective in these weekly kick over for us to enjoy.

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Karas Kickover Audio Version


5. Andrea Li (Cal), Beam 9.875 Beautiful Gymnastics


4. Carina Tolan (Iowa) Bars 9.85 Unsung hero for the Hawkeyes


3. Elle Lazzari (Florida), Beam 9.975 career high contributing in 198+ performance


2. Payton Richards (Florida) Debut of Yurchenko 1 1/2 for 2021! Rockstar!


  1. Sierra Brooks (Michigan) Beam 9.95 Bringing Michigan Back


Check back next week for Olivia’s Week 9 Top 5 and go listen to this week’s Cup full of gymnastics podcast.


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