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2022 Level 9 Eastern Champions on Bars

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Level 9 bars of all the events is the most compulsory, not that the skills are easy or basic, but that almost everyone does the same combinations for bonus. In comparison with events like beam and floor where the music and choreography give the routines different flair and composition, bars doesn’t have that luxury; circles, pirouettes and bar to bar releases is what you get.

However this list of athletes stood out amongst the pack executing the previous mentioned skills with ease while putting up some of the highest scores of the entire competition on bars. In addition to these 6 national champions plus two more eye catching routines, we have to acknowledge the top scoring bars team of the entire competition and yes they were from REGION 5!

Alayna Boumans, Premier West- JR4 Eastern Champion Score: 9.575

Cameron Tassone, IK– JR5 Eastern Champion Score: 9.725

Avery Moll, DMGC– JR6 Eastern Champion Score: 9.75

Kadyn Swank, Gym Xtreme– SR1 Eastern Champion Score: 9.575

Anika Most, Capital City– SR3 Eastern Champion Score: 9.75

Erin Wilbanks, Michigan Elite– SR4 Eastern Champion Score: 9.725

Other Notable Routines

Charley Laufer, R-Athletics 2nd Place JR8 Score: 9.65

Waverly Webb, Stars and Stripes 2nd Place Sr4 Score: 9.65

The Senior 4 Team not only won the age group team competition but posted the highest team score on bars with a 38.55. Their performances were so good all 7 (can only count the top 4 scores in the team score) finished in the top 10.

Here are links to all 7 routines:

Erin Wilbanks- National Champion (video above)

Waverly Webb, Stars and Stripes 2nd Place (video above)

Angela Stangarone, Premier 3rd place score 9.6 video (nice stalder)

Alexis Shulman, Cincinnati 4th place 9.575 video

Margie Leider, Flips 6th place 9.45 video

Hannah Salgado, Renzi 7th place 9.35 video (blind front giant 1/2)

Emily Gianfrancesco, Lakeshore 10th place 9.225 video


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