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2019 Region 5 Top 10 Favorite Leotards (10-6)

One of my favorite aspects of the Region 5 Championships is checking out all of the new and old leotards from the competing teams. Each year I run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting pictures of all the fun, unique, stylish and fantastic leotards to put together the Annual Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List! This will be the 6th year for the list and I have to say to all the coaches out there in Region 5, GREAT JOB! you are making this decision INCREDIBLY hard year after year! I absolutely LOVE IT!

So, the moment everyone has been waiting for………..Drum Roll Please!….Here is my Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List numbers 10-6!

Bonus: Water’s Edge (MI 1st Yr)

Water’s Edge is our Bonus Leotard this year. What I absolutely love about this leo is how it is true to its name, this leo for me resembles the sandy beaches and beautiful blue water of the Great Lakes, especially in Northern Michigan.

10. CGA (OH 6th Yr)

CGA is no stranger to our list, this being their 6th year and 6th different leotard to make out list. I love the simplicity of this leotard, the classy black body with the vibrant pink sleeves, is just so clean. However, pictures and videos do not do this leo justice, when you see it in person it just absolutely sparkles.


9. Legacy Elite (IL 4th Yr)

Legacy Elite is another team that is no stranger to our list with this being their 4th year. This leotard is definitely different for Legacy Elite, normally they are predominantly purple, but this year they have chosen to limit the purple and use more blue. What is always consistent with LE is there signature dragon that is on every leotard and warm-up that they have ever had. Again this is one of those leotards that pictures and videos do not do it justice, because when you see it in person the eye catching jewels that make up the dragons are simply mesmerizing.

8. In The Zone (IN 1st Yr)

I loved this leo from the first time I saw it, it just sparkles and it has a keyhole back! I am a gymnast of the 90s, so give me a good keyhole back any day and I am in love. The full length mesh arms have an elegance about them, the blue is a perfect shade of blue and the jewels are just enough.

7. Buckeye (OH 2nd Yr)

This is Buckeye’s second year on our list and what I love about this leotard is it is totally different from their last one. The first time I saw this leo on social media I thought it was fantastic! There are so many jewels on the front that they definitely stick out in the sea of leotards on the competition floor. There is just enough pick accent to not be overwhelming or take away form the sparkle. The name BUCKEYE is also tastefully spelled out in jewels on the back. I love when leos have their gym names on them somewhere, I always wanted that as a young gymnast.

6. Mid Michigan (MI 1st Yr)

This is Mid Michigan’s first year on our list. I saw this leo very early on in the season and really loved the jewel pattern on the front it reminded me of the jewel pattern on my wedding dress actually.  The sweetheart cut is sophisticated and classy for the older gymnasts and just enough to not be overwhelming for the younger gymnasts on the team. I was also told that the Level 10 in the picture, JO National Qualifier Katie Kowalski, had a hand in designing it.

***Disclaimer…to be eligible for the Region 5 Insider Top 10 Favorite Leotard list, your Gym must have at least 1 athlete competing level 10 at the Region 5 Championships.***


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