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JO National Newbies: Madeline Pike, Perfection



Name: Madeline Pike

Gym: Perfection

Age Group: Junior E

Graduation: 2021

Favorite Quote: “Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud”

Favorite SuperHero: Wonder Woman

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Subject: Math



Tell us about your experience competing at level 10 regionals in 2019, compared this experience to past Regionals or Level 9 Regionals if this was your first year of 10. Regionals as a level 10 were a lot of fun, but very stressful. There is so much on the line at regionals and you can feel the tension in the gym.  Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone wants a chance to participate for Region 5 at JO Nationals.  I was lucky to have 3 Perfection teammates competing in my session with me, which definitely helped calm my nerves.

Talk about moving into level 10, the challenges you have faced and the success you have had over the last year. I have overcome many injuries and setbacks leading up to this year. I missed the entire 2017 season with an injury. I had a really good Level 9 season last year, which really helped build my confidence for my first level 10 season.  After a great summer, I hurt my knee at the first meet of the season and I was unable to compete at  the first two meets. I had only competed one all-around meet before competing at state. I had a very good state meet and then followed that up with a solid performance at Regionals.

What have you learned from previous experiences at Regionals  or Nationals and what made this year different? I have learned to control my nerves and take everything one step at a time. Regionals is a very important meet and I find that I do better if I stay focused on one event at a time and not worry about the whole meet.  You never know what will happen at a meet, but you have to finish strong and forget about any mistakes you might have made.

What are you most looking forward to about nationals? I am looking forward to staying with my team all weekend and being able to make new friendships and memories with my new teammates.

How does it feel to represent Region 5 on a national stage? I am so excited to represent Region 5 because it is the best region in the country.  There are so many talented gymnasts that we get to compete against all season.  It will be exciting to now become teammates and try to win a national title for Region 5.

What is your most memorable moment in gymnastics besides qualifying to JO Nationals? My most memorable gymnastics moment was winning 2018  Level 9 State and Regional championships.

What is the most powerful piece of advice you have received and how has it specifically impacted your gymnastics? The most powerful piece of advice I have received is that gymnastics is more than a sport and it teaches you how to deal with real-life setbacks. I know that gymnastics has made me a stronger person.  There are times that I get so frustrated, but I always know that giving up is not an option. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Tell me something interesting about yourself….special talents, hobbies, interesting facts etc I love singing and I have won 2 school talent shows for singing.




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