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Training Thursday: NO Wobble Beam Complex | How to Gymnastics

How do you get wobble free beam routines? Add in a wobble free beam complex to your training. Check out Ruth Miller from Michigan Elite Gymnastics as she runs through a quick complex that hits all the necessary areas when it comes to beam. Many of these you might have in your complexes now but there might be one that you have been looking for to help create solid beam work. The goal is to perform completely wobble free. This video was filmed at the 2021 Level 9 High Tech High Performance Training Camp.


1. Releve Waking Front and Back

2. Side ways turns

3. Front, Back Side, Needle Kicks

4. Running

5. Punching

6. Long jumps with arm circle

7. Step Leap and hold

8. Step Switch Leap and hold

9. 1/4 Turns


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