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Podcast: Sensational Seniors- College Salute NCAA Week 10

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It was a SENIOR FEST this week with Roses flyin and maybe a Herky jump or two, 2 vaults that I am glad i got to see in person, never take your eyes off Szymanski because you just never know, double front dismount that made me almost fall out of my seat, How do you describe a Scholarship to your teammates, a bit long winded this week but lots of seniors and we have some debates on todays pod.

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Show Content

  • Kim’s Weekly Wrap Intro
  • Podcast Intro
  • Not so Fab
  • FAB 5… ish
  • Senior Salutes
  • D3 Athlete of the Week
  • THE FIVE JIVE- Kim’s Feelings
  • R5 University Line up for Week 6
  • Best Five of the Week


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