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Podcast: College Salute Week 9- Stop Hop and Salute the Toe Point President





We Step, Hop, and Salute the action of Week 9 with the appointment of the Toe Point President. There was a Front Pike half vault that brought us back to 1996. A 198+ score from a team we barely saw… Thanks BTN Minus. There were Front Double fulls galore even one into a front layout.  A couple 10’s for the Webb and apparently close shots of feet  on the beam are important. 


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Show Breakdown

  • Look at the National Rankings after Week 9
  • Fab 5 from Around the Country
  • Karas Kickover- Olivia Karas’s Top 5 for Week 9
  • Sparkle and Shine Leos
  • Nine Nine Notebook
  • Other Highlights
  • Ohio State Quad
  • Jtree Gym Balm College Salute Best of 5 of Week 9


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