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Making Moves Monday (June 29th, 2020)

The season that was 2020 will always be remembered maybe more for how it abruptly ended ( Covid Quarantine) then the many new skills competed, competition achievements and of course the individual goals attained (minus the championship season ones unfortunately).

As we continue to adapt to our new normal for gymnastics training which includes social distancing and sanitizing stations/mats before rotating, Region 5 is making its way back with eyes set of 2021. Though not all 5 states have fully reopened ( most of Michigan still not open) many of our gyms have now been open for a full month and skills are returning to form and new upgrades are starting to emerge. During these first few weeks we will be featuring both old and new skills as everyone tries to recondition their bodies and minds to gymnastics again.

If you want your current or upgraded skills to be included in future making your move posts, upload your video to your gymnastics Instagram page or your clubs page (must be public) and tag us @region5gyminsider and #R5MakingMovesMonday.

Not all training needs to be done in the gym. A good ole BHS layout in the garage works too!!!!

Sophia Reddy, Eurostars


Maggie Batten, Gymnastics World of Twinsburg


Mila Halpin, Kentucky Gymnastics Academy


Kendra, Libertyville Gymnastics Academy


Lauryn Martin, Midwest Elite


Hailey Klein, Flips Gymnastics


Kate Mathers, DeVeaus Gymnastics

Avery Chambers, BIG


Megan Asher, Cincinnati Gymnastics


Grace LaCrosse, Crystal Lake Gymnastics



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