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Making Moves Monday for July 4, 2022

Making Moves Monday is being presented by Full Out Recruiting. Posting upgrade videos is one important step in college recruiting, but that’s only the beginning. If you are looking for assistance with any step in the process or just don’t know where to start, check them out by clicking their logo below. 

Hope everyone had a great July 4 holiday weekend. Due to the holiday we have Making Moves Monday on Tuesday this week.

The build up for the 2023 competition is underway in Region 5.  As our gymnasts set and work towards their goals for 2023, we will be featuring many of the new skills and combos. Every Monday all summer long and into the fall ((through Level 10 High Tech Camp) we will have our Making Move Mondays. These post showcasing the upgraded skills that our gymnasts post on their Instagram channels. 

If you want your upgraded skills to be included in future making moves posts, upload your video to your gymnastics Instagram page or your clubs page (must be public) and tag us @region5gyminsider and #R5MakingMovesMonday. Let’s show all the hard work and great gymnastics Region 5 is doing in the off season. 

Emily Krzciok, Mid Michigan (2022 Level 10 DEV National Wildcard)

Peyton Pech, Aspire

Mecca Chandler, TFZ

Olivia Lang, Cincinnati (2021 Level 10 National Qualifier, 2022 Level 10 DEV Wildcard) Full Out Recruit Client

Savannah West, TOPS – check out more upgrades

Katie Ferguson, JPAC

Zoie Pelfrey, Cincinnati (2021 DEV National Wildcard)

Grace Suchecki, JPAC (2022 Level 10 DEV National Wildcard) check out more upgrades

Katherine Shackelford, Cincinnati (2022 Level 10 National Qualifier) Full Out Recruit Client

Cami Whitaker, Aerial (soon to be Cornell Freshman, 2022 Level 10 DEV National Wildcard AA, Nationals Alternate)


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