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Hey Press Play- 2023 Aspire Classic

Joliet, IL

Results: Combined Results

Competition Routine Play List

The Aspire Classic hosted by Aspire Gymnastics in Illinois is always one of the first competitions we cover each year as a preview for what’s to come when the new year changes and we are fully into our new competition season. This years competition had a new look as it was moved to Joliet Junior College.

As with all early season (December) meets, there is a mix bag of fully ready routines, some with a few tweaks needed and then those that are just not ready yet. We had all of that at the Aspire Classic this year.

I was very impressed with the top 4 in the all around scoring over 37.00 with 2023 DEV National Qualifier Amina Mackalo (Gym America) putting up the seasons first 38+ score with her 38.125 and a 9.875 on vault. Fellow DEV National Qualifier, Libby Tobias from Aspire, was very solid on all 4 events including her first place 9.55 on floor (always one of her strongest events) to post a 37.825 and second place.

2022 DEV National Qualifier Alexis Holmes (Aspire), made a gym change this summer and has hit the ground running with a 37.525 which included a beautiful 9.7 bar routine. Though she under rotated her double back last pass on floor, Alexis truly impressed.

In 4th was Chicago Park District’s first ever Level 10 National Qualifier, Lulu Ton That, who has made some nice upgrades with more still to come (based on her Instagram). She posted a 37.075 with top 5 finishes (combined all 10’s) on bars and beam, which of course ends with her long flight series dismount (though I am looking forward to the 1 are version she showed at High Tech Camp).

Its always exciting to see how Level 9’s handle the move up to level 10 and Aspire duo of Mckena Mauk and Marissa Torri were fun to watch. Mckena, 3rd AA at the 2023 Eastern, finished 2nd overall on vault with her 9.6 Layout Kaz that is going to be a big vault by season end. Mckena finished 5th all around (36.675) and will be one to watch this season. Her teammate Marissa, also a 2023 Eastern Qualifier, has changed up her vault to a very nice layout Yurchenko for a 9.375. She competed a tuck full last season, so looks like the layout full is in the works. She had a few struggles, but will be keeping my eyes on this one as we move closer to championships time.

There are always performances in every competition that get missed or just overlooked. So HEY PRESS PLAY on these 9 routines that stood out at this years Aspire Classic.

Sydney Lindenmeyer, Phenom Bars 9.55

Bars was Sydney’s only event of the competition and she owned it. A few form issues aside, her bars stood out especially the power into her very nice double layout dismount.

Bree Beckerman, Aspire Beam 9.45

Bree had the top beam routine of the entire competition. Her routine was solid, including her kick over front and features her teammates excitement throughout.

Emma Mahoney, Gym America Floor 9.4

I enjoyed watching Emma’s routine and she does a pretty good butterfly in her choreography. She was the very first athlete to compete floor in the meet and finished 4th over all on the event.

Katie Malm, Phenom Beam 9.425

Katie only competed 2 events at this meet but had a strong beam performance. Her leap series of split leap to switch side is cool and combo not used often.

Madalyn Drummer, Gym Kinetics Vault 9.325

Madalyn has some power behind her for sure. Her double pike on floor lands standing up straight with an 8″ on the floor. However her vault is huge! Though only a layout it is a perfect straight position and I am sure a full is in the works.

Ariana Goodwin, Phenom Bars 9.225

Ariana is always fun to watch on bars. Her Straddle back handstand from handstand is always a highlight in the routine. Looking forward to more from Ariana later in the season as she is coming back from a wrist injury.

Kaitlyn Schwab, Aspire Beam 9.425

Kaitlyn tied for 3rd overall on beam and dismounts her routine with a very original kick over layout front full.

Libby Tobias, Aspire Bars 9.55

Libby has really worked on her execution and swing dynamics on this routine during the off season.

Alexis Holmes, Aspire Beam 9.425

Love her flight series, original and very difficult to execute well which she did.


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