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Hey Press Play! 2024 DEV Nationals

Daytona, Florida


Video Gallery (Routines that finished in the Top 10)

Few weeks removed from the 2024 Level 10 DEV Nationals, lets take a look back at some of the performances you might have missed from our Dream Team.

Region 5 finished 5th in the Super Regional competition equaling our placement in 2023. In the all around, two Region 5 athletes claimed national title honors with Bailey Stroud (JPAC) tying for the SRB age group with a 39.0 on day 1 while Cameron Tassone (IK) won the JRE age group 38.9 on day 2. Five athletes stood atop the award stand as a national event champion; Bailey Stroud (JPAC) Beam 9.75, Maddie Stewart (Legacy Elite) Vault 9.875, Ella Kate Parker (Cincinnati) Floor 9.85, Addie Sarisky (Olympic Dreams) Bars 9.825, Maddie Gustitus (Legacy Elite) Beam 9.75.

These six athletes above took home gold but we had 59 top 10 finishes amongst all the 12 age groups. Though we can’t highlight all of them (check out the video gallery link above) we have 10 routines that stood out and for sure are a must see…. SO PRESS PLAY!

SRF- Keeley Kohler, Michigan Elite Bars 9.7

Keeley swings bars so freely and it’s enjoyable to watch. That stick is priceless!!! This routine will be a nice addition to the EMU line-up in 2025.

JRF- Caroline Stewart, Gym America Beam 9.525

Awesome layout layout series and rocked her 1 1/2 dismount. Caroline has beautiful gymnastics across all four events.

JRF Julia Rausa, Libertyville Floor 9.775

Never gets old watching this routine! Julia mixes her tumbling with the artistry very well. She feels the music! Wonder how the artistry check list (elite) would look for her?

SRC- Lisa Szeibert, JPAC Bars 9.725

Very nice Ray and can’t beat a rocked bars dismount! Keep an eye out for this routine in the Missouri line-up next year.

SRC- Delanie Kelly, Legacy Elite Floor 9.75

Delanie’s twisting is always eye catching! Her 2 1/2 front tuck is second to no one!

SRB- Charley Laufer, R-Athletics Bars 9.725

Charley stands out with her Shushunova release (maybe the only one done at DEV Nationals). I am a big fan of skills we rarely see!!!!

JRD-Avery Schlichting, Energym Floor 9.85

It’s the last pass for me all day every day! OH and a possible piked full-in for 2025!!!

JRA-Kylie Smith, Cincinnati Bars 9.725

Kylie has really impressed me this year (level 9 in 2023) upgrading all four events with high level of difficulty. This bar routine caught my eye at the Cincinnati meet with her beautiful Stalder 1/2. I am excited to watch her elite career take flight moving forward!

JRB- Reagan Nowak, Branch Bars 9.7

HINDORFF, HINDORFF, HINDORFF and Reagan does it well! Her double layout dismount isn’t too shabby either!

SRB- Gabby Van Frayen, Gym Xtreme Beam 9.725

I know she was an elite in her former life, but Gabby’s beam is always a highlight in any meet she competes. From her cool mount to the double full dismount, just awesome to watch. Gabby I know aerial Ondi might be toooo risky for DEV, but can we put back the ONDI!!!!!

Honorable Mentions

JRB- Saylor Starkey, Buckeye Beam 9.525

Saylor has a bit of unique series in that she uses the piked front toss into backhand spring (most use the tuck version for a series). However it’s her consistency on beam that is hard to deny. She won the Region 5 JRB title this year and followed it up with a 3rd place finish at Nationals.

JRA- Ellie Mayer, Legacy Elite Bars 9.6

Ellie has made huge strides on this event over the course of the last two years. She add a full out dismount to the routine this season which adds that punch at the end.

JRB- Michela Cuppari, Olympia Bars 9.7

Michela had a very successful rookie performance at nationals finishing top 10 on 2 events. She took 2nd on bars with this very nice piked Jaeger and sticking the dismount for the YAHTZEE!

SRB- Bailey Stroud, JPAC Vault 9.825

I mean Bailey kinda had a good competition overall, she won the all around, and beam but I had to feature this vault!

more from DEV Nationals still to come!


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