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College Salute Alumni Conversation: MSU Spartan Captain Gabi Stephen

This alumni conversation guest has become famous for what appears to be effortless gymnastics including her layout kickover front on beam and regularly close to if not perfect vaults. Michigan State Junior Captain Gabi Stephen joins us to talk about the fan stardom she has achieved in her two years at MSU, her change in her gymnastics in college and what we can expect to see in 2024, her 2023 NCAA experience and as always how Region 5 impacted her. Gabi has a funny sense of humor and that comes out in this podcast for sure.

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Show Break Down:

  • Gabi’s Accomplishments Rant
  • Back to Region 5
  • Why MSU and Comparisons to Roger
  • Being a Fan Favorite
  • The Power she shows in college
  • Vault Perfect 9.95, The Yurchenko 1 1/2
  • All You want to know about floor
  • Story behind the Layout Kick over on beam
  • 2023 NCAA Championships experience
  • The truth is out where Gabi gets her power and “UPS” from
  • How she leads the Spartans
  • What’s in store for the 2024
  • FUN FAB Question, Check out the rest on our R5 College Salute YouTube Channel
  • Best Five

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