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American Classic Junior Recap

Katy, Texas

First of two elite classics took place this weekend at the National Training Center located at Stars Gymnastics in Texas. Most of the athletes in this competition were looking to achieve their US Championships qualifying score of 50.00. This classic, and the US Classic (Core Hydration Classic) are the final 2 chances to earn a ticket to the US Championships in San Jose at the end of August.

Jazlene Pickens, Catherine Guy, Carly Weinburg (Buckeye)

Region 5 had four juniors entered in the competition, all of which are from or train in Ohio. Carly Weinberg (Buckeye) was the top finisher of the four placing 18th with a 48.25 which was her 2nd highest all around score in as many years as an elite. Carly has added her Ray back into her bar routine (competing that at the 2022 DEV Nationals) and a new Weiler kip (soon to be combo) to start. Her Yurchenko Full (used to compete layout 1/2) has also improved since competing it at this years Winter Cup.

Returning to Region 5 this past off season, Ella Kate Parker (Cincinnati) finished her competition with a 47.75. Ella Kate had a bit of a up and down day including peeling off the bar on her dismount (grip ripped). She however did crack the top 10 on beam with her aerial layout layout series and a 12.65.

Ella Kate Parker (Cincinnati) announced during introductions at the 2023 American Classic

Catherine Guy (Buckeye), who has done double duty in 2023 (competed at DEV Nationals in May), scored her highest all around score to date as an elite with a 47.05. Cat’s highlights included her nice Ondi and layout layout series on beam along with her well performed tumbling on floor (double back, layout Rudi and 2 1/2).

2022 HOPES Championships Qualifier Jazlene Pickens (Buckeye), who has also split between level 10 and elite in 2023, scored a 46.05. Jaz has lots of power which is evident in her very big layout step out flight series on beam and her full in on floor that was too big for the floor to handle, smily face emoji!

Lots of positive take aways from this classic and looking forward to the next stop…. Core Hydration Classic first weekend in August.


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