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ALUMonday: 2022 NCAA Week #1

NCAA College Gymnastics is Back!!!! It’s that time of year again when we get to watch multiple college gymnastics meets every weekend for 12 plus weeks. The match-ups, the cheers, the flips, and of course the BIG College Salutes. Region 5 is lucky to have a large amount of former athletes competing in college and this is the place to follow their careers. Besides our College Salute Podcast (posted every Wednesday during the collegiate season) where we break down the weeks action, we have our ALUMonday where we highlight some of the awesome routines that our Region 5 Alums did during the previous week of NCAA action.

Week 1 is in the books and there were some standout routines to showcase despite some teams being held out of competition due to Covid-19. Check out the 10 routines that made the list for week 1.

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Lauren Volpe, Ball State 9.85 Beam against Missouri


Skyla Schulte, MSU 9.825 Floor against UC Davis Tri


Anna Grace McCullough, Eastern Michigan 9.85 Bars against Iowa


Adriana Bustelo, Central Michigan 9.8 Bars against Illinois


Hadyn Crossen, Eastern Michigan 9.8 Beam against Iowa


Payton Richards, Florida 9.875 Beam against Florida Quad


Colby Miller, Ohio State 9.875 Bars against Arkansas


Natalie Hamp, NIU 9.85 Bars against Florida Quad


Gabi Stephens, MSU 9.8 Beam against UC Davis Tri


Alana Anderson, NIU 9.875 Floor against Florida Quad



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