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2023 Region 5 Yahtzee Awards (Part I)

presented by A-1 Awards

It’s that time of year again!

School has started, the weather is doing its own thing and like the Detroit Lions the Yahtzee Dice are on a Roll…and ready to assemble into that coveted Y shape!
So, before we kick off the 2023-2024 competitive season we need to wrap up year 8 of our annual awards.

It has been crazy year, so we are a little behind and in true Kim fashion as you all know it is insanely hard for me to narrow down a list of great routines, skills, combos and athletes.

So without further a do scroll down and check out the Part I of the 2023 Region 5 Yahtzee Awards.  


1.Most Dynamic Vault


2.Best Bar Combo

3.Huge Air

4.Most Interesting Beam Mount 


5.Most Unique Beam Series 

7. Best Form

Most Powerful 

Stay Tuned for Parts II & III plus a few new categories & the return of an old favorite! 


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