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2023 Dev Nationals: The All Star Session (Gallery)

What started out in 2022 as the Wild Card session has transformed into the All Star Session. What also started out as a competition of specialists and all-arounders from across the country competing against one another has turned into the Level 10 version of Level 9 Eastern/Westerns with these event specialists and All Star all-arounders competing only against those from the East (Regions 5,6,7,8) or the West (Regions 1,2,3,4), dividing the gym down the middle like the Mighty Mississippi divides the country. It was a very interesting event for all and we were there bringing you two fantastic galleries of the event to check out! 


Again a very special & huge THANK YOU to Victoria Shannon (Parent of Phenom Gymnast Jersey Shannon) for sharing her incredible photos with us from the All-Star Session. Check out her Gallery Below. Photos on our IG or FB provided by Victoria will be marked with a VS. 


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