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Hey Press Play: 2023 DEV Nationals- Juniors

Sixty champions (4 events and all around in 12 age groups) are awarded gold medals each year at DEV Nationals. The winning routines at nationals are almost always eye catching or jaw dropping routines that are well deserved of the recognition.

The top 10 athletes are awarded medals for their performances on each event and the all around but many of these performances don’t get the attention they deserve.

Oh and what about those routines that were really good just not top 10 worthy (from the judges view) on that day?

Well we have 11 routines that you will want to PRESS PLAY and watch from our juniors at the 2023 Level 10 DEV Nationals.

Autumn Garden, Gym Xtreme, Vault 9.725

The handspring front vaults are certainly making a comeback. Autumn’s handspring pike front 1/2 is very well executed and if she can find the landing with a bit more control this vault will be big score. This finished 4th in Junior F.

Avery Schlichting, Energym– Bars 9.7

It’s hard on bars to separate yourself as so many do the bar to bar release combos for bonus. Avery has a nice rhythm and dynamics to her swing and a nice 1/2 in 1/2 out dismount. This routine finished 5th in Junior B.

Katherine Shackelford, Cincinnati Bars 9.7

Kit has the only bar routine in this post that has a major release with a nice pike Jaeger. Her Pac Salto has nice amplitude though she catches this one a bit close. She unfortunately had to repeat the cast pirouette or this would have broken the top 10 for sure. She finished 11th in Junior F.

Bailee Norris, Flytz Floor 9.625

Bailee upgraded her first pass to a front double full for the championship portion of the season and it has served her well. She performs her routine with good extension and presentation and has pretty nice execution throughout the routine. This routine finished 10th in Junior D.

Railey Jackson, GymNasti Bars 9.75

Railey Jackson is a bit of an underrated bar worker even though she won bars at nationals last year. She added in the Maloney 1/2 (Van Leeuwen) for nationals and performed it well. She got hung up on her dismount a bit causing a bit of a fight for the landing. She finished 7th (one tenth more she would have been top 3) in Junior F.

Olivia Lang, Cincinnati Beam 9.575

Olivia’s beam is also very underrated. This routine which includes a absolutely beautiful triple flight series was super solid from start to finish. This routine finished 7th in Junior D just .125 away from taking home a national title.

Addie Sarisky, Olympic Dreams Bars 9.7

Addie’s bars are always one of my favorites to watch because she really flys and her swing is so dynamic. OH and her form!!! This routine unfortunately had an overcooked pirouette and dismount or it would have been one of the top routines in the age group. She has scored a 10 on this event. She finished 12th in Junior D (ironically the national champion did score a 10).

Quinn Harris, Cincinnati Bars 9.625

Quinn does one of my favorite skills on bars, the Weiler kip, in her HOPES routine, but plays it a bit safe in her level 10 routine. However this routine was very well performed going after all the handstands and rocking her double back dismount. This routine finished 6th in Junior A.

Sadie Goldberg, Gym Xtreme Floor 9.6

Sadie added a full in to her first pass for nationals and executed it well. She keeps her head up throughout her routine and you can tell she is in that elite transition phase. The 2 1/2 in her last pass was also very nicely performed. This routine finished 6th in Junior A.

Jasmine Hou, Legacy Elite Beam 9.5

Beam is where Jasmine usually shines the most as she is very consistent from meet to meet. She makes quick adjustments minimizing deductions. Though this wasn’t her best routine I have seen her do, she attacked and hit it to posed a solid counting score for Region 5. She finished 7th in Junior E.

Isabel Biro, Queen City Bars 9.7

Izzy’s also swings very nice bars and is one of her consistently highest scoring events. Though this wasn’t her best routine she did improve upon her finish from a year ago and break into the top 10 finishing 10th in Junior E.

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