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2019 Region 5 Insider Favorite Leotards (5-1)

One of my favorite aspects of the Region 5 Championships is checking out all of the new and old leotards from the competing teams. Each year I run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting pictures of all the fun, unique, stylish and fantastic leotards to put together the Annual Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List! This will be the 6th year for the list and I have to say to all the coaches out there in Region 5, GREAT JOB! you are making this decision INCREDIBLY hard year after year! I absolutely LOVE IT!

So, the moment everyone has been waiting for………..Drum Roll Please!….Here is my Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List numbers 5-1!

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5.Oakland (MI 2nd Yr)

This is Oaklands 2nd year on the list, and this has to be one of my absolute favorite Oakland Leotards,I love that they have added purple into their new colors. This leo has been a fan favorite and definitely catches your eye when you see it.

4. Gymnatics Academy of Rockford (IL 2nd Yr)

When I first saw this leo I was in love. I have always been partial to Red, Black and White mainly because those are my gyms color as well, this leo reminds me of our team leos last year.  I love how this leo ombre’s from the black to the white and the jewel pattern is unique and eye catching, there are just so many jewels on the front, I am sure its a bit heavy.

3. Gym America (MI 2nd Yr)

I have been waiting for this year to come just to see this leotard! Gym America kept their last leo for three years so they could do a beautiful custom leo for their Anniversary Year and this one certainly did not disappoint. I love that they went back to their original Red, White & Blue colors with this leo and their Adidas warm-ups. The sweetheart neck is just enough to be elegant and classy and look great on everyone. The criss-cross back is unique and very Gym America style.

2. I.G.I (IL 2nd Yr)

I first saw this leo last year when Michigan State wore it and I absolutely loved it. So, at the beginning of this season when I saw IGI on social media with this leo I was so excited! For me this leo is sophisticated and classic like a little black dress. I love how IGI is spelled out in jewels underneath the open key hole back. The back is probably my favorite part of the entire leotard.

1. Palmer’s (IL 2nd Yr)

OMG this leo!!!!! Palmers Gymnastics has really stepped up their game this year in the leo department. This leo from the moment I first saw it I couldn’t stop talking about it! It has the right amount of design and jewels, the  neckline with the silver on the chest going up over the shoulders reminds me of a beautiful dress that some actress would wear to the oscars.  Of course I love the colors because again my gym has the same ones, but this leo is eye-catching, classy, unique and looks good on every single person on the team. I have tried really hard to not make this my favorite leotard, but I am OBSESSED with it and would totally make it my gyms leo if it wasn’t already Palmer’s.


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