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2019 Athlete Warrior Challenge

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This past weekend was the 9th Athlete Warrior Challenge hosted by Olympia Gymnastics. What I love the most about this meet is the concept, each year athletes receive a different color  Karate Belt that corresponds with the years they have competed in the meet, for example if it is your first year you receive the white belt and  if it is your 9th year the Black Belt. This year we have reached the Black Belt Level! I myself have either competed, coached or filmed at this meet every year since the very beginning, so this was a very exciting year for me. This year the Level 10 session was a session all its own, with teams from UGI, Stars & Stripes, Mid Michigan, Gym X-Treme, Olympic Dreams, Next Level, Water’s Edge, Euro Stars, Medina, Future Gymnastics, Power in Motion and of course the host gym Olympia Gymnastics all competing. Below are the Junior & Senior Level 10 Results from a competitive groups of athletes.

Full Results:  Level 10’s  Session 7R




  1. Allie Morgan UGI, 9.725
  2. Gabryel Wilson Olympia, 9.700
  3. Grace Kaiding Stars & Stripes, 9.675


  1. Matilyn Waligora Olympia, 9.550
  2. Olivia Rapp UGI, 9.425
  3. Grace Kaiding Star & Stripes, 9.375


  1. Grace Kaiding Stars & Stripes, 9.450
  2. Allie Morgan UGI, 9.350
  3. Katie Kowalski MMG, 9.300


  1. Olivia Rapp UGI, 9.525
  2. Grace Kaiding Stars & Stripes, 9.450
  3. Audriana Hammond Water’s Edge, 9.325


  1. Grace Kaiding Stars & Stripes 37.950
  2. Olivia Rapp UGI, 37.625
  3. Allie Morgan UGI, 37.375




  1. Tory Vetter UGI, 9.675
  2. Ella Schell Olympia, 9.650
  3. Ella Chemotti Euro Stars 9.575



  1. Katie Harper UGI, 9.600
  2. Ella Chemotti Euro Stars, 9.575
  3.  Tory VEtter UGI, 9.425


  1. Tory Vetter UGI, 9.600
  2. Rachel Rybicki Olympia, 9.550
  3. Naomi German Olympia, 9.475


  1. Tory Vetter UGI, 9.500
  2. Katie Harper UGI, & Erin Williams, 9.275


  1. Tory Vetter UGI, 38.200
  2. Ella Chemotti Euro Stars, 36.725
  3. Naomi German Olympia, 36.675



  1. UGI 113.775
  2. Olympia 112.225
  3. Future 100.750

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