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College Salute Episode #4: Scary Eyes, Sassy Elegance, Confident Swagger


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Week 4 in the NCAA was filled with Scary Eyes, Sassy Elegance and Confident Swagger. UIC continues their winning ways in final season, while the SEC has another exciting trilogy of exciting meets. The leos were shades of red and our Alumni Conversation with Eastern Michigan Junior Emili Doboronics.

* NIU vs Bowling Green and UIC (2:30)
* EMU vs Ball State (12:25)

30:03- Alumni Athlete of the Week Conversation- Emili Dobronics

35:58- Salute the Heights
* Kentucky vs Florida (36:07)
* Georgia vs Auburn (50:34)
gymnasties of Auburn (Johnny R is now a Gymnastie)
* LSU vs Alabama (1:11:45)

1:27:33- Alumni All Around
* Michigan vs Maryland (1:28:02)
* George Washington vs PITT (1:39:05)
* Ohio State vs Michigan State (1:41:18)
* Wesley Stevenson, (Stanford); Nia Dennis, (UCLA); Chrissy Berg, Haley Hendrickson (Arizona); Jade Brown, (Kent State)

2:00:00- Lovely Leos of the Week

2:03:55- D 2/3 Alumni Spotlight- Brooke Kachinsky (UW-Lacrosse)

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