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Region 5 Wins 6 Finishes 2nd: Easterns Recap

It’s a wrap for the 2018 Level 9 Eastern National Championships in Rochester, NY.

Region 5 had a successful National Championships this year crowning 7 All-Around Champions, 11 Individual Champions & 6 Team Champions.

The competition started out slow for Region 5 with both Junior 1 & 2 taking second place as a team, Region 5 did crown 2 event champions with Alyssa Taylor (Legacy Elite) taking the Uneven Bars title (9.650) and Samantha Macasu (Legacy Elite) taking the Balance Beam Title (9.450). The competition picked up for Region 5 heading into the rest of the day with Junior 3 Olivia Coppola (CGA) taking the Floor Title (9.500) and Junior 4 not only taking the Team Title, but also crowning Jenna Olshefski (Universal) All-Around Champion (37.700) & Beam Champion (9.650). Also, in the Junior 4 age group Ella Johnson (CGA) took the Vault Title (9.500).

we would like to recognize all the Junior Top 10 Finishers in each Junior Age Group.

Junior 1- Jazlynn Chism (Midwest Elite) 2nd Place AA 37.475, 3rd Place Vault 9.525 & 2nd Place Beam 9.450, Gabriella Van Frayen (Gym X-Treme) 3rd Place AA 37.450 & 3rd Place Be a 9.400, Ella Schell (AGA) 7th Place AA 37.025 & 3rd Place Vault 9.525.

Junior 2-Alyssa Taylor (Legacy Elite) 2nd Place AA 37.625, Hannah Scheible (All American Flames) 3rd Bars 9.575.

Junior 3-Grace Walker (Integrity Athletics) 6th Place AA 37.00, 3rd on Vault & Floor 9.450. Olivia Coppola (CGA) 10th Place AA 36.9875.

Junior 4-Kendall Turner (GAR) 3rd Place AA 37.275 & 2nd Place Vault 9.475, Ella Johnson (CGA) 5th Place Bars 9.525 and Maya Rios (Legacy Elite) 4th Place Beam 9.350.

Results: Junior 1 Junior 2Junior 3 Junior 4

The Junior 5s & 6s hit big at Eastern Nationals taking the Team Title in both divisions. Also, crowning Ava Molina (CGA) All-Around Champion (37.725), Uneven Bars Champion (9.525) & Balance Beam Champion (9.525). The Junior 6s cleaned up in the All-Around taking the Top 3 podium spots with Laci Keck (GU) taking top honors (37.750) followed by Rachel Rybacki (Olympia-37.400) & Reagan Flannery (Stars & Stripes-37.275) finishing 2nd & 3rd respectively. The Junior 6s also had two individual event champions with Laci Keck taking the Floor Title (9.500) & Rachel Rybacki taking the Uneven Bars (9.575) & Balance Beam Titles (9.550). The last two Junior Age Groups 7 & 8 crowned Maleah Crowley (Legacy Elite) the Co-National All-Around Champion (37.150) and Kylee Vanderbeek (Champion USA) the National Beam Champion (9.575).


We would like to recognize all the Junior Top 10 Finishers in each Junior Age Group.

Junior 5-Taylor Thacker (Gym X-Treme) 5th Place AA 37.100 & 3rd Place Bars 9.475,  Kennedy Griffin (Gym World) 7th Place AA 37.025 & 2nd Place Vault 9.575, Reagan Schaefer (Gym Nasti) & Hannah Primeau (Bay Valley Academy) tied for 10th AA 36.525.

Junior 6- Reagan Flanney (Stars & Stripes) 4th Beam 9.475 & 4th Floor 9.375, Amy Wozniak (Legacy Elite) 5th Place AA 37.100, 5th Place Bars 9.425 & Beam 9.350, Olivia Rickle (Integrity Athletics) 9th Place AA 36.975 & 3rd Place Floor 9.400 and Kelly Klobach (IGI) 10th Place AA 36.950.

Junior 7-Maleah Crowley (Legacy Elite) 2nd Place Floor 9.375, 3rd Place Beam 9.475, 5th Place Bars 9.300, Ella Hayes (Legacy Gymnastics) 6th Place AA 36.725 & 3rd Place Vault 9.375.

Junior 8-Lily Moore (Legacy Elite) 6th AA 36.850, 2nd on Beam 9.400 & 4th on Floor 9.350.

Results:  Junior 5Junior 6 Junior 7Junior 8 

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Moving forward to the Senior Age Groups, Caitlyn Bates of Universal Gymnasts broke into the top 10 AA with her 36.45. The Senior 2, 5, & 7 all took the National Team Titles along with multiple All-Around & Individual Event Champions. Senior 2 crowned a duo of grace as national champs with Grace Dodd (CGA) the National Floor Champion (9.525) and Grace Dubec, JPAC national beam champ (9.5) while we had 3 finish top 10 all around Marissa Rojas Michigan Academy of Gymnastics 2nd (37.3), Madeline Pike, Perfection Gymnastics School, and Mason Tannar, Gymnastic Training Center Rochester tied for 5th (36.85).

Lane Rodocker (Stars & Stripes) secured 3 National Tiles for Senior 3 in her first Championships being crowned the National All-Around Champion (37.625), Uneven Bars (9.550) & Balance Beam Champion with a huge 9.700. Madison Steskal (Midwest Elite) vaulted to the National Title with a 9.525 on the event in the Senior 4 Age Group as well as 4th AA (37.05) while Premier West Sarah Kuper was 7th (36.65).

Senior 5,6 & 7 also came away with some hardware, with Mia Figola (Legacy Elite) taking the top spot in the Senior 5 All-Around (37.525), Breckin Quoss from Twistars was 3rd (36.975), Ruth Lambries Midwest Twisters was 4th (36.825).  Sydney Schumaker (World Class) earning the National Vault Title (9.525) and Ronnie Diiorio Buckeye Gymnastics 4th AA (36.6) in the Senior 6 Group.  Jocelyn Warnica (MAG) claimed the National All-Around Title (36.900) for Senior 7. Also, in the Senior 7 Age Group Twistars USA Hailey Pike finished 2nd in the All-Around with a 36.860, Emma Barry from Downriver 5th (36.725) and Aviva Satz-Kojis Michigan Academy of Gymnastics 6th (36.675). In Senior 8, we had two top 10 finishers with Nya Pauldon from Bartlett finishing 3rd AA (36.375) and Kayla Lundy of Wrights finished 4th (36.225)

Results: Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3, Senior 4, Senior 5, Senior 6, Senior 7, Senior 8

2018 Age Group National Champion Teams
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In the Super Team Competition Region 5 was dethroned as the Defending Champions by Region 8 in the slightest of margins. Region 8 finished just ahead of Region with 48pts to our 47pts. However, Region 5 who started out behind on the 1st day did come back strong taking most of the points in day 2 to push us up into that 2nd place spot. Congratulation to Region 8 on their Super Team Title this year, but next yea it will be returning to Region 5!


The 2018 Level 9 Eastern National Champions also had unique aspect for one of our Region 5 athletes. Briar Burden of Water’s Edge Gymnastics in Traverse City, Michigan had a Balance Beam skill named after her. Briar, who has been competing a unique Beam dismount all season, successfully completed it at the competition and it will officially be named “The Burden” in the JO Code of Points. I have been watching her compete this unique dismount all season and I am very excited for Briar. We talked a little about it in our podcast, but will be following up with Briar and her coach later in the month.

Also stay tuned for our incredible story of Maddie Rydel of Infinity Gymnastics who swung her way to a second place uneven bars finish despite her gym closing just weeks before the National Championships and how her two coaches Andrei Nitkin and Brittany Lapinski made her first National Championships a possibility.




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