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2018 Region 5 Top 10 Leotards (1-5)

Well, it is the moment we have all been waiting for the announcement of  THE TOP 5 FAVORITE REGION 5 LEOTARDS!!!!!  *(insert booming accounted voice)*. Unlike previous years choosing the TOP 5 Leotards was incredibly easy, it was 6-10 that gave me an extreme amount of trouble. This year the TOP 5 Leotards stuck out at me right away, there was no question about which ones I loved the most, I also polled my athletes and some of my colleagues for this lis

So without further ado…….Drum Roll Please……….


5.  Gym World (OH 2 yr)

As soon as I laid my eye on Gym Worlds Leo it was instantly one of my favorites! I love how it looks like the galaxy! I feel like I am looking at a beautiful night sky with sparkling stars when I see this wonderful leo! The colors are absolutely perfect as they ombre from dark to light. I love how the leo absolutely represents their gym name, because it is a Gym World after all!



4.  Gym X-Treme (OH 3rd yr)

Now Gym X-Treme has two leos in the number 4 spot on the list because I love them both equally! The leo on the right that Gianna is wearing was actually the first leotard that they ordered, it did not come out exactly how they wanted it, so they ordered the leo on the left that Caitlin is wearing. I was kind of excited to see Gianna wearing the first leotard, because it looks great on her! If she did not compete in her session without her teammates we may have never seen this leo! However, without the first leo issue we would not have ever seen the second purple and black leotard that was ordered to be the team leo. When I saw this leo at a meet mid season I was a bit thrown off because I was expecting to see the first one (I previewed it during a summer visit), however the purple and black leotard is extremely elegant and classy and looks incredible on every athlete on the team. So, hats off to Gym X-trme for designing not only one, but two incredible leotards.

3.  Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy (OH 5th yr)

Cincinnati never disappoints when it comes to their leotard choices, CGA has actually been on the list every single year since the 2014 beginning, with a different leotard. CGA happens to be one of very few gyms in the Region that get a new leotard every season and every choose incredible eye catching leotards that do not seem to cost an arm or leg either. My absolute favorite part of this leo is the key hole back, the smokey ombre arms and the subtle sweat heart neck line that is very flattering on every athlete. I cannot wait to see what CGA comes up with next year!

2.  Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center (IN 3rd yr)

JPAC threw a curve ball in the leo game this year and stepped away from their signature blue color. I followed their leotard guessing game and unveiling online, they definitely surprised all of us. Everyone I knew was wrong in their guessing, we all had them in blue leotards. So, when I saw this leo unveiled in the most fun way on Instagram I could not wait to see it up close and in person. I just could not believe my eyes, this leotards is eye catching and extremely sharpe! The intricate design patterns on the front and  the back are so different and of course the key hole back makes me love it even more! I am also extremely partial to Red & Black since those are my gym colors as well. So bravo to JPAC for out doing themselves and selecting a stunning, head turning leotard

1.  Hunts Gymnastics Academy (MI 3rd yr)

Hunts Gymnastics is no stranger to our list, this is their 3rd time appearing on the TOP 10 and their 2nd time in the TOP 3. In 2014 they took the runner up spot on our inaugural list. For many this leo was an almost unanimous vote from all the people I polled, not one person had anything bad to say about it. Hunts leo created by Ozone is classy, elegant, eye catching and sophisticated. I love how they incorporate their signature blue color in the jeweling, I of course love the large key hole back which is accented by the criss crossing design. This leotard as well looks incredible on every single athlete and body type, most would like it would be hard to find the correct bra for the girls to wear with this leo because of the back design, but these ladies have no problem in that department and definitely found something to fight everyone that does not show in the back. I think that I like many other would have been turned off by this leo if bra straps were sticking out of the back, this leo is to elegantly designed to have the attention taken away from it by a misplaced strap. So fantastic job to Shannon and Ozone for creating this incredible piece that looks more like an evening gown than a leotard. Well done!!

Well that is a wrap on the Region 5 Insider Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards. Please check out 6-10 and the honorable mentions if you missed them. There will be a special Level 9 addition out soon for those gyms that do not have a Level 10 athlete competing at Region 5 Championships, but who have fantastic leotards that need to be recognized.

        2018 Leos 6-10           2018 Honorable Mentions 

Please continue to follow our ongoing coverage of the Level 9 Eastern Nationals and the upcoming Level 10 JO Nationals.

***Disclaimer…to be eligible for the Region 5 Insider Top 10 Favorite Leotard list, your Gym must have at least 1 athlete competing at the Region 5 Championships.***


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