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2018 JO Nationals “Ones to Watch” Juniors

Heading into the 2018 JO Nationals this week in Cincinnati, Ohio we here at the Region 5 Insider would like to feature some of the excellent routines to keep an eye out for at Nationals. This is the 2018 JO Nationals “One’s to Watch” featuring our Juniors.

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Junior A

Kaia Tanskanen Floor

I absolutely LOVE this floor routine! Kaia is a tiny gymnast with a huge personality, this floor routine definitely shows off her personality and she absolutely loves performing it.

Rhyley Pitts Beam

Rhyley is another very tiny gymnast doing very big skills. This routine is a definite one to watch for a few reasons Rhyley is 11 years old and does BHS BHS Double Back Dismount! Just unreal and she normally rocks the landing.

Junior B

Sarah Moraw Beam

Sarah was the Regional Beam Champion, which was certainly well deserved, what I love about this routine is her beautiful lines and her confidence. Watching Sarah on beam just makes me happy.

Alayna Karl Floor

Alayna is a strong All-Around athlete, but it is her beam and floor that captivated me at the Region 5 Championships. Her floor routine has improved, especially her dance and presentation. This is a fun, high energy routine with some sass! Alayna’s floor is one to enjoy.


Junior C

Faith Torrez Everything!

Faith Torrez is one to watch all over the gym, she swept the medals at Region 5 Championships. she does not seem to have a weak event. Faith competes a triple series on beam, a sky high Yurchenko Full Vault and Swings Bars like no ones business. However, its her floor routine and her huge double layout that is one of my favorites! My jaw literally dropped when I saw her routine. So definitely do not miss this kid at Nationals and her incredible floor routine.

Savannah Miller Floor

What I like about Savannah’s floor routine is her improved artistry and attention to detail. Savannah has always been a lovely gymnast, but has very much started shinning in her details and expressions. The music equally compliments her soft spoken nature and she is simply lovely to watch.

Junior D

Jacey Vore Vault

she may only be doing a Yurchenko Full vault, however the vault she stuck cold at Regionals was perfect! Jacy Vore made this vault seem so effortless and beautiful! The technique is fantastic, her shape is on point and she rocked the landing! For me definitely one to watch.

Katya Sander Beam

Katya is a first year level 10 and what I like most about this beam routine is that it is sharpe, confident and on point! she moves through her routine very easy, like she is just dancing on the floor. Katya is very exact in all her movements, from her extended fingers to her beautiful toe point.

Junior E

Ella Chemotti Everything!

Ella Chemotti, who has made huge improvements all over the gym in the last year, really does not have a weak event she is one of those kids we could feature any of her events, however we are going to focus on her beam.  she is the Michigan State Beam Champion 2 years in a row and has a routine that you do not want to take your eyes off of. She works the beam like it is nothing, very confidently and sharpe in all her movements. Ella has exquisite form and artistic presentation and she effortlessly does a 3 skill dismount sequence, this is definitely a routine to watch this weekend.

Makenzie Sedlacek Floor

Makenzie is another one of those athletes we could feature more than one event to watch. However, it is her floor that really caught my eye at Regionals. I absolutely love this routine! From the music to the choreography to the tumbling, everything seems to nicely compliment each other and the way that she rocked her first tumbling pass was incredible. She stuck her landing like and arrow to the dirt. Makenzie also shows great expression in her unique choreography which I of course LOVE.

Junior F

Cassandra Barbanente Bars

What I like about Cassi’s bars is her long lines. Cassi, who is the Regional Bar Champion, has a very nice swing and the fact that she is a bit taller makes her bars look long and beautiful.

Gianna Gerdes Vault

I really like Gianna’s Vault, not only does she do a 10.1 vault, but she is the only one in this Region 5 age group to do a 10.1 vault. Gianna who excels all over the gym, has upgraded this vault this year and she performs it very nicely. She has great shape, form and she makes it look graceful yet powerful.

Hannah Nam Beam

Like many of her CGA Teammates, Hannah Nam has a unique beam mount, not just the typical get on the beam. I love that CGA has really stepped up with many of the girls doing unique and different beam mounts. Hannah’s routine that is packed with difficulty, including a triple series, moves through her routine very sure of herself and very confidently which I love to see on the beam. My favorite beam routines tend to have unique skills and flow like a floor routine. Hannah does just that in her routine and that is why she has a routine to watch.

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