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2018 JO National Championships “Ones to Watch” Seniors

The 2018 JO National Championships officially starts today here in Cincinnati, Ohio. we here at the Region 5 Insider would like to feature some of the excellent routines to keep an eye out for during the competition this weekend. This is the 2018 JO Nationals “One’s to Watch” featuring our Dream Team Seniors.

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Senior A

Delanie Harkness Floor

Delanie has always been known for having fun, high energy floor routines that captivates not only the judges, but everyone else watching the performance. Delanie always finds music that matches her upbeat personality paired with complimentary choreography and exceptional tumbling, this routine really draws you in.

Emma Pritchard Floor

I have always been a fan of Emma Pritchard and what I love most about her floor routines is her high energy and showmanship. Emma looks like she is having a great time out there and she really connects with the judges and people watching the routine.

Senior B

Andrea Li Bars & Beam

Andrea Li is an outstanding gymnast all over the gym, every single one of her routines could be on this list, however we will focus on her Beam and Bars. Andi scored a pair of 9.750s at Region 5 Championships to become the Regional Champion on both events. Andi, who shows sharpe lines and perfect form all the way to her toe point, effortlessly flies through the air with legs glued together. Outstanding uneven bars certainly runs in the Li Family. This year is going to be Andi’s year at JO Nationals.

Sierra Brooks Vault

Sierra Brooks is one of the  few athletes who performs a 10.1 Vault and she does it exceptionally well having stuck it cold at the Region 5 Championships. Sierra’s vault will surely challenge for the top spot on the podium this weekend.

Hannah DeMers Floor

This kid is one of my absolute favorites and I am so excited to see her finally at the JO National Championships. Hannah, who really does not have a weak event, just needs to put it all together at the same time. I have always loved Hannah’s floor routines and this one is no exception. She has the gift to draw you into her performance and really show off her ability to dance and perform. So do not miss this routine this weekend at the 2018 JO Nationals.

Senior C

Payton Murphy Floor

Payton definitely earned her Regional Floor title! This routine is jammed pack with unique tumbling passes, including one of my very favorites [Front thru to double], and energetic dance. Payton has really come a long way in the last few years and truly is starting to come into her own. What I love most about this routine is her showmanship she just draws you into the performance and she looks like she is having the most incredible time out there. I would love to see this athlete earn a podium spot for this outstanding routine.

Gabryel Wilson Vault & Floor

We cannot talk “ones to watch” without talking about Gabryel Wilson! Gabby is one of the most powerful athletes I have ever seen, everything she does is above and beyond and full of effortless power. Gabby is another one of our Dream Team athletes who performs a 10.1 Vault [Yurchenko 1 1/2] however she can also perform a 2\1 Twisting Yurchenko. It will be interesting to see what she decides to pull out at Nationals this weekend. However, I want to focus on her floor routine today, which again is full of effortless power and extreme energy. In the last few years Gabby’s confidence has really grown, she performs this floor routine like she is at a dance party! Once the first beat of her hip hop inspired music drops you cannot help but watch and want to dance along.

Senior D

Makarri Doggette Floor

Makarri never disappoints in the floor department, she is the defending JO National Champion in the event. Makarri, who makes every tumbling pass look incredibly easy, has a new floor routine with some pretty interesting music. This future Bama gymnast is looking to defend her floor title this weekend in Cincinnati. What I love most about this routine, besides the flawless tumbling, is the fact that she looks like she is having a great time. She has unique choreography that compliments the unique music selection. I would not miss out on this routine this weekend.

Leah Clapper Bars

Leah click link to view routine from 2018 Region 5 Championships

Leah , who has dropped back from Elite for her final club season before she heads to Florida in the fall, has her sights set on a National AA Title. Leah, who does not have weak event in the gym, is the Regional Bar Champion and clearly one to watch on the event as well as on the Floor. Leah is a very tiny athlete, but soars between the bars with huge releases and an even bigger dismount usually to a stuck landing.

Payton Richards Beam

Payton, who is a two time back to back JO National Beam Champion, performs one of the most effortless beam routines I have ever seen. There is a lightness about how she works the balance beam, it is just like she floats above the beam. Watching Payton on beam is like watching Carly Patterson on the balance beam, its like poetry in motion. Payton is also a member of the triple series club and does her double twisting dismount in combination, no wonder she is the defending National Beam Champion. Make sure to catch this routine this weekend because we could see a 3-peat from this future Gator.

Senior E

Sarah Hargrove Beam

Beam Mount and Triple Series that really is all that needs to be said here because this beam routine is anything but routine! Its daredevil meets Cirque du Soleil.

Anna Kaziska Beam

Anna works the beam like most people work the floor. From the beginning to the end the routine flows together like a running river. Anna shows extremely strong lines and beautiful toe point throughout the entire routine. Along with her confidence and nailed landing this is a routine to look out for this weekend.

Senior F

Kaitlyn Higgins Floor

What I love most about Kaitlin’s Floor routine is the unique choreography she has to go with a great piece of music. I have always enjoyed watching this floor routine, especially the floor sequence after her 2nd tumbling passes, its one of my favorites. She also knows how to draw the people into her routine and get them clapping along, which again is one of my favorite things when the audience can clap along.

Karalyn Roberts Floor

Kara, who is a beautiful gymnast all around the gym, really shines on the floor. She has a new Beyonce inspired piece of music this year, which I really love, and she really know how to perform it to the extreme. One of my favorite parts of her routine, besides her sky high tumbling, is the part towards the end were she just steps into a side split and bounces right back up to her feet. Kara has a lightness about her floor routine and her dance, like she is just gliding across the floor. Its a beautiful.

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