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Tramp Basics for Gymnastics Skill Development with Joy Umenhofer


Trampoline can be used to learn basic up to advance tumbling skills before you are physically ready to perform them on the floor. In this video Joy Umenhofer, former USA Gymnastics National Tumbling and Trampoline staff, goes through basic trampoline lead ups for flipping and twisting skills used on both vault and floor. This video was filmed at the 2019 Region 5 High Performance Training Camp at DeVeau’s Gymnastics. Joy uses some cool drills to focus on shape and bounce position before getting into forward and backward flipping tramp drills.

JOY UMENHOFER,  has served on the USA Gymnastics National Coaching Staff for Trampoline & Tumbling since 1993 and currently coaches the National Team members at the National Jump Start camps. For the past 8 years, she has served on the USAG Junior National Coaching staff for Men’s Gymnastics in an attempt to increase our junior’s trampoline skills and air awareness levels.


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