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Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards (10-6)

One of my favorite aspects of the Region 5 Championships is checking out all of the new and old leotards from the competing teams. Each year I run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting pictures of all the fun, unique, stylish and fantastic leotards to put together the Annual Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List! However, this year was different we did not have Region 5 Championships, I did not get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off taking pictures. Instead I had teams submit their leo photos to me or I took photos off of social media, it just was not the same, but I was determined to still put together the Annual Leo List. We are all experiencing a crazy time in history right now, meets & training may be over or halted, but the Leo List will always prevail! 

This will be the 7th year for the list (which is crazy!) and I have to say to all the coaches out there in Region 5, GREAT JOB! you are making this decision INCREDIBLY hard year after year! I absolutely LOVE IT!

So, the moment everyone has been waiting for………..Drum Roll Please!….Here is my Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotard List numbers 10-6!


Honorable Mentions:

Olympia, GTC-IN, Legacy (KY)

10. Chicago Park District (IL) 1st yr

As soon as I saw Chicago Park’s leo I loved it! I saw it for the first time at Gym on the Grand earlier in the season and immediately added it to my list. This is another one that looks great on all the girls and has the right amount of flashy jewels and a subtle amount of baby blue to give it a little something extra! This leo gives a slight European feel which I also love!

9. GymNasti (IL) 1st yr/Universal (OH) 2nd yr

I absolutely love the color of GymNasti’s leo, for me this is my favorite leo from this club. My gym kids absolutely love this one, it topped many of their lists when I asked them for their input. I love the sparkle of this leo an it photographs so well, I have seen a few senior photos in this leo and the pinky/purple color really pops! Its a great leo choice for GymNasti. 

This is also one of my favorite Universal Leos! It is the same design as GymNasti, but with a few subtle differences. I love the pairing of the black with the royal blue along with the mesh midline and sleeves. This leo photographs so well and definitely makes a statement from across the gym. It also is another leo that looks great on every girl on the team. 

8. Cincinnati Gymnastics (OH) 7th yr

CGA is no stranger to this list, they are the only team that has made the list every year since 2014! That is 7 years of great leos, but what helps CGA is that they get a new leo each year. This leo has a similar concept to those in the number 7 spot an its another that I have seen many variations of through the Region & country. However, what I love about this leo is that it is very sweet and looks good on every girl on the team. The colors blend well together and I love the flower design on the mesh. This again is another leo that reminds me of the old school leos of the past that I loved. What would of made this leo that much better would be if the black bottom was velvet, because it definitely looks like it could be. 

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7. Bay Valley Academy (MI) 3rd yr/Integrity (OH) 1st yr

I love both of these leos! This design seems to be a huge trend this season, with multiple teams having this design that I have seen, not only in Region 5, but around the country. Bay Valley & Integrity hold the number 7 spot together because these two leos are pretty much the same give or take some jewels. Even the red and pink is so similar it was hard to decide which I liked better! I think both these leos are very elegant I love the neck line, its a low sweetheart, but with a mesh overlay. The bottom of the leo being black makes it look great on everyone, plus it kind of reminds me of some one the old school leos that I grew up loving. 

6. Midwest Elite (IL) 1st yr

This is absolutely the BEST leo that Midwest Elite from Illinois has ever had! As soon as I saw it I loved it on them it looked great on everyone on the team. The colors are so vibrant and the jewels just light up the entire leo, they definitely stand out on the competition floor. 


Congratulations to our 10-6 & Honorable Mention Leos! It was a hard decision to make this list! 

Look for the Top 5 coming up next!


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