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Stassi Wins Vault takes 3rd All Around to Close the Xfinity Championships- Day 2 Recap

San Jose, CA

SAP Center- Standing on top of the podium, in her sparkling blue and white leo as the national vault champion, Izzy Stassi from Buckeye claimed medals on all four events landing her in 3rd place in the all around and a place on her second consecutive USA Junior National Team.

Izzy Stassi, Buckeye named to the 2023 USA Junior National Team after Day 2 of the Xfinity Championships

Izzy started day 2 right off with a bang as she performed the best layout beam mount she has done all week. She was a bit short of rotation on her flight series but pulled up to have a good landing and closed with a strong double full.

She took command of the floor bringing out the dramatic in her routine and nicely executing her four tumbling passes including her full twisting double back opening pass. Vault is one of Izzy’s best events and that was no different at these championships as she took the Junior National Vault title with a combined 27.3 over both days. Looking forward to next year with her vaults, as she has some upgrades in the works to be competitive at the senior level.

Strong finish to Izzy’s competition on bars leading off with a beautiful jaeger, moving through all her bar to bar combos including her Bhardwaj and Maloney 1/2 all performed well and closing with a solid double layout and 13.05 for 5th place on the event.

“I was really proud of myself because in my first two championships I fell the first day but Going 8 for 8 this year was Awesome”

– Izzy Stassi, Buckeye Gymnastics

Ella Kate Parker from Cincinnati, sporting a red and black Leo for day 2, had a much better go at it than on day one. She began on bars with a 1.1 improvement from Friday’s score as she executed her Ricna (Stalder Tkatchev) to Pak salto combo with ease and solid on her double layout dismount for a 12.1.

Leading off in rotation 2, Ella Kate had a nice aerial two layout flight series which she omitted in day one. She was shaky as she moved through the routine, unfortunately falling on her switch half which her foot appeared to have landed on the side of the beam on her switch leap prior to it.

Ella Kate got her block angle right today on her 2 1/2 front pike 3rd pass which she had been struggling with and finished the routine strong which was a nice comeback from the fall on beam. She finished up her competition on vault with a more explosive vault then the one on Friday but took a large hop back. Ella Kate improved her all around score by .35 on day two.

The crowd grew and the cheers got louder for the senior session which of course happens when Simone Biles is in the house. The energy was felt throughout the arena as the awwww’s echoed loud when athletes had a fall and roared when dismounts were rocking.

Region 5’s only senior Kelise Woolford from Buckeye began on floor and did her double back first pass while roars were blistering in the arena for Jade Carey’s bar dismount. I think the crowd gave Kelise a bit extra energy as she had a big bounce back. However she did perform another awesome Memmel turn and scored the same 12.15 as she did on Friday …… CONSISTENT!

Kelise’s Yurchenko 1/1 lacked a little rotation and took a big step forward. I think she saved a bit too much of her energy for her Jaeger on bars blasting it into the ceiling as usually but having way to much coming out and had to stop on her kip. She finished up with a nice Stalder to half in half out.

Kelise has struggled a bit on beam this week and despite the fall on her side somi in day two, her routine was much better. She lead off with great triple wolf turn and was super solid on the back handspring layout flight series. She stuck to the consistent double full dismount landing solid to finish up her work here at the Xfinity Championships.

Time to upgrade and get ready for the 2024…. Olympic Year season!


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