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Region 5 Twenty-Five “Ones to Watch”: Ohio

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The 2021 Region 5 Championships begin today! The host state of Ohio is sending a talented group of young ladies to this years championships. Here are 5 “Ones to Watch” from the Buckeye State. These athletes either are first year level 10’s or looking to qualify onto their first Region 5 JO Dream Team.

Ohio State Championship Results:  Level 10  JR A  JRB  JRC SRA   SRB  SRC
Level 9 JRA  JRB  JRC  JRD   |  SRA   SRB   SRC  SRD  SRE

Izzy Stassi, Gym Xtreme


Gabby VanFrayen, Gym Xtreme


Ady Wahl, Zanesville


Kennedy Griffin, Gym World


Grace Harrell, Cincinnati 


For complete coverage of the 2021 Region 5 Championships, hosted by Cincinnati Gymnastics (April 15-18) in downtown Cincinnati, please continue to follow us on all forms of social media!


Good Luck to all the athletes, coaches & judges participating in the 2021 Region 5 Championships and a special thank you to our gracious hosts Cincinnati Gymnastics!



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